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New Snap-Loc Easy Draw Fishing Rod Holders

by: Snap-Loc product release,

(Tuesday, December 14,1999 - Monterey Park, CA) When the fish are biting, Snap-Loc keeps the rod under control. Snap-Loc is the easy to use, quick-release rod holder that mounts securely on the deck or rail. Only a two-inch square space is needed for side or top deck mounting. The supplied adapter is designed to boat railing ranging from seven-eighth of an inch to one and a quarter inch in diameter without the need to purchase additional mounting kits.

Snap-Loc system is simplicity in itself...the rod, either spin or bait cast is placed into the holder. It pushed the front lever down and locks the rear lever over the top of the rod butt; the weight of the rod itself is sufficient to lock the rod firmly. Any additional downward weight, even the drag of a sinker or lure locks the rod more securely in place. No amount of downward force can dislodge the rod even in rough water or the fish is fighting vigorously. An additional built-in sliding lock firmly secures the rod during trolling or while the boat is under hold power. When you have a bite, simply grab on the fore grip and life inboard, striking at the same time. YES! It is that simple. No locking clamps or rings to disengage -- just one smooth action.

Snap-Loc swivels 360 degrees, adjusts vertically up to 90 degrees, offering precise direction control. The cradle is quickly removed and mounted on the optional adapter spike for shore, pier or ice fishing.

Designed of tough, lightweight Hi-Tech nylon with stainless steel components. UV, salt and oil resistant. Comes with rail mounting bracket, universal rail clamp and bolts and the exclusive snap-in insert to accommodate small rod butts, including one-inch fly rods.

Dealer inquiries are welcome, contact SNAP-LOC USA, Inc. 925 S. Atlantic Blvd., Suite 202-B, Monterey Park, CA 91574. Phone (626)457-1173; Fax (626)576-8877, email,