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Daiwa's 8th Series of Guideless, Tangle Free Rods Offers Ultimate Sensitivity at Everyday Prices

Procaster X-IB Interlines

by: Mark Weintz Communications,

(Wednesday, December 22,1999 - Cerritos, CA) Daiwa's new Procaster-X-IB Interlines are the latest, and most affordable addition to Daiwa's popular Interline rods.

Since every rod guide has a foot which is wrapped, the WRAPPED guides are literally "dead spots" on a rod. For a fish or bait to send a message to the fisherman, a signal must be strong enough to transmit through the line, to the rod. Then it must also send that signal (vibration) through the guide, to the rod guide's wrap, THEN through the guide's foot. Only then does what's left of the vibration reach the rod.

In an Interline rod where there are no guides, even a lure's smallest vibration is transmitted directly from line to rod to fishermen.

The new Procaster-X-IB series of rods features graphite construction with tip and line inlet inserts of aluminum oxide. Fuji reel seats and cork handles with protective foam butt caps are featured on all five of the new rods, one of which is a spinning model.

Using Daiwa's proprietary Interline technology, these Linear Interlines share the same overall features and benefits as the 7 other families of Interline rods. Interlines have no spine (spline) which means they are perfectly symmetrical and they achieve a perfect arc as the line running through their interior is put under tension.

The rods are tangle free no tip wraps.

The interior rod wall of a Linear Interline is a raised spiral, like rifling in a gun barrel. It keeps the line elevated above any moisture that would normally collect on the inside of the blank's wall and cause distance robbing friction on outcast.

Each Interline rod comes with a small rigging cable that makes "stringing" the rod fast and efficient even in windy and choppy conditions.

The Procaster-X-IB rods will retail for between $54.99 and $64.99.