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"Fish Tales" Will Benefit Our Nation's Fish and Waters

New FishAmerica Foundation partnership supports fisheries and habitat restoration

by: Johanna Laderman, Managing director,,

(May. 04, 2007 - Alexandria, VA) Alexandria, VA – Our nation's fisheries and their habitats are the beneficiaries of a new partnership between the FishAmerica Foundation and Skyhorse Publishing Company. The FishAmerica Foundation is the conservation and research foundation of the American Sportfishing Association. Skyhorse is the publisher of two new books that are essential additions to any angler's book collection. Proceeds from the sale of two new fishing anthologies, Take Me Fishing and The Gigantic Book of Fishing Stories, will benefit the FishAmerica Foundation. With Father's Day just around the corner, both books are now available at Barnes and Noble and other bookstores. "Take Me Fishing and The Gigantic Book of Fishing Stories are two of the biggest and best collections of fishing stories ever put into book form. They are great gifts for anyone who fishes," said Tony Lyons, publisher, Skyhorse Publishing. "We're proud to publish them, and we're thrilled with our growing relationship with the American Sportfishing Association's FishAmerica Foundation." Take Me Fishing, with introduction by Pulitzer Prize winner Howell Raines and foreword by former President Jimmy Carter, is an anthology of works by 50 preeminent living writers. Nick Lyons' one-of-a-kind, 800-page The Gigantic Book of Fishing Stories is the largest and most broadly-based collection of writings about fishing ever compiled. "FishAmerica is delighted to partner with Skyhorse Publishing to help keep our nation's fish and waters healthy," said Johanna Laderman, executive director, FishAmerica Foundation. "This partnership will support projects such as the restoration of Eastern Brook Trout habitat along South Bog Stream in Maine and Smith Creek in Virginia. These were just two of the projects recently highlighted in the National Fish Habitat Board's 'Ten Waters to Watch' on the Action Plan's first birthday.' Skyhorse Publishing is an independent book publisher dedicated to originating interesting, entertaining and informative books that large publishers sometimes ignore. Based in New York City, Skyhorse is offering its first list of 56 books this spring and plans to have 350 books in print by the end of 2008. The FishAmerica Foundation is the conservation and research foundation of the American Sportfishing Association. FishAmerica unites the sportfishing industry with conservation groups, government agencies, fishing tournaments, corporations and charitable foundations, investing in fisheries conservation and research across the country. FishAmerica provides matching grants that empower citizen conservationists in their own communities. Since 1983, FishAmerica has provided more than $9 million for more than 900 fisheries conservation and research projects nationwide.