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CCA Florida Names Maverick Boat Company

Exclusive In-Shore Boat Sponsor For Fundraising Efforts

(Mar. 29, 2007 - Fort Pierce, FL) The Maverick Boat Company and the Coastal Conservation Association Florida have announced that the Maverick, Hewes, Pathfinder and Cobia brands of center console fishing boats will be the official in-shore boat sponsor through 2009. The agreement further cements the long partnership between the Maverick Boat Company and CCA Florida and will benefit anglers and boaters statewide. As the exclusive inshore boat sponsor, the Maverick Boat Company will provide discounted boat packages for use at the CCA Florida chapter auctions, fundraisers and banquets. Local Maverick, Hewes, Pathfinder and Cobia dealers will work directly with CCA representatives in their market to provide the boats for chapter fundraising efforts. The company will support 20 fundraising events during 2007. According to Rob Hendricks, CCA Florida CEO, in 1985 Maverick was the first boat company to step forward and support the organization and its efforts in the state of Florida. “The ongoing partnership between CCA Florida, Maverick Boat Company, and now Cobia Boat Company helps make it possible for us to pursue many of the wide ranging initiatives in Florida that affect saltwater anglers and the community of boating enthusiasts,” said Hendricks. “They are one of our most important sponsors and a cornerstone of our organization.” “For 30 years, CCA Florida has worked to protect and conserve our marine resources and to ensure that future generations can continue to enjoy some of the best fishing and boating in the United States,” said Scott Deal, president of Maverick Boat Company. “We’re happy to be involved with an organization that has done so much for our industry and sport.” In 2004, the company began providing a free CCA membership with every Maverick boat sold. The effort alone has resulted in hundreds of new members in the last two years. This year the company donated a Cobia 211 Bay Boat to CCA as a raffle prize. In recognition of the company and Scott Deal’s personal contribution to the organization and involvement in marine conservation initiatives, he was chosen as the first recipient of CCA Florida’s Lifetime Conservation Award. Maverick Boat Company, Inc., manufacturers and markets the prestigious Maverick, Hewes and Pathfinder saltwater fishing boats, as well as Cobia Boats. Maverick and Hewes flats fishing boats are regarded as the industry’s benchmark for excellence and innovation in ultrashallow water and backwater fishing. Pathfinder boats are the best of breed in backwater, bay and offshore fishing boats. Cobia Boats are the standard of excellence in fishing and family fun.