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148 pages, 8 1/2" x 11" format, 41 maps, 69 photos, 27 illustrations.

(Saturday, May 22,1999 - ) Lake Erie, the undisputed "Walleye Capital of the World," reigns as the "Smallmouth Bass Capital" as well. From Ohio's Bass islands to Buffalo, New York, Lake Erie now gives up more quality smallmouth bass than any other body of water on earth. Thanks to increased water clarity, the fishing continues to improve.

Lake Erie Smallmouth, by Mark Hicks, details where and how to take advantage of this incredible fishery. The book contains 41 maps that detail specific hot bass fishing areas. Whether you fish Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Ontario or Michigan portions of Lake Erie, you won't waste time looking for productive bass water. You'll know where to find it. Lake Erie Smallmouth also reveals how bass relate to Erie's superb smallmouth habitat through the seasons, which lures, live bait rigs and fly fishing methods are most productive, and how to maintain critical boat control to stay on the bass. Throughout the book, you'll receive tips and insights from many of Lake Erie's top smallmouth anglers.

You may purchase Lake Erie Smallmouth by sending $14.95, plus $3.50 shipping, to Big River Press, P.O. Box 130, Millfield, OH 45761. (Ohio residents add $0.93 tax.) For credit card orders call: 1-800-447-8238.

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: A noted writer and photographer, Ohioan Mark Hicks has had hundreds of articles published in leading magazines, such as Field & Stream, Bassmaster Magazine and Fishing Facts. He also has authored four other books, including the award-winning Lake Erie Walleye. His informative seminars at sports shows draw large audiences. Hicks has has aptly demonstrated his skills by qualifying three times for the prestigious B.A.S.S. Top 100 tournament circuit and once for the Red Man All-American.