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Carlos F. Pellas named to IGFA Board of Trustees

by: Pete Johnson, Johnson Communications

(Dec. 18, 2006 - Dania Beach, FL., U.S.A.) Deeply committed to oceanic conservation efforts as well as being an avid sportsman with over a thousand billfish releases, Carlos F. Pellas of Managua, Nicaragua has been unanimously named to the IGFA's Board of Trustees. A graduate with multiple degrees from Stanford University and formerly an IGFA Representative for Nicaragua, Pellas is the Chairman of BAC-Credomatic Network, the largest and most sophisticated banking and credit card business in Central America. Pellas started fishing at the age of 12, and has since fished the Central American waters from Guatemala to Panama. He's also fished the Bahamas, Ecuador, Florida, Grand Cayman, Hawaii, Mexico, the USVIs and Venezuela. Pellas has released over 1200 Pacific sailfish, and over 200 blue and black marlin and has helped organize fishing tournaments throughout Central America. He's also the Chairman of the Board of Nicaragua Sugar Estates Limited (the second largest Sugar mill in Central America), of Companía Licorera de Nicaragua (maker of Flor de Caña and other rums), of GBM Corporation (an IBM alliance company with exclusive distribution rights of all IBM products and services), and of ESTESA (the largest cable TV and ISOP provider in Nicaragua). Pellas is also a director and a partner of Casa Pellas, distributor of Toyota, Hino, Suzuki and Yamaha in Nicaragua. "As an avid fisherman and conservationist, Mr. Pellas will be a welcome addition to the IGFA's growing conservation efforts of game fish and activities in Central America," said IGFA President Rob Kramer, "where sportfishing has grown tremendously over the years. Central America is fast becoming a hot destination for catch and release big game fishing, with many countries requiring the use of circle hooks. Mr. Pellas' knowledge of and connections to the governments and issues in Central and South America will be a great asset as he's joined by some 30 IGFA Representatives on our International Committee from that region. He'll be instrumental in ensuring these efforts of improving fish stocks continue throughout Central America and beyond."