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Ice Fishing Television More Popular Than Ever

Fishing The Wildside On-Ice Returns For 2nd Historic Season  

(Oct. 04, 2006 - Walker MN) Fishing the WildSide's history-making television series Fishing the WildSide ON-ICE returns for another exciting season in 2006, with expanded networks and stations, and even more great on-ice action. Fishing the WildSide ON-ICE made history in 2005 as the first and only fishing television programming dedicated to the rapidly-growing sport of ice fishing. The response from ice anglers was overwhelming - "finally, a show dedicated to my sport." In 2006, Fishing the WildSide ON-ICE will bring ice anglers even more of the exciting footage, practical knowledge and cutting edge technology modern ice anglers crave. Ice angling has evolved from a solitary, under the radar winter activity to a fully modern, wildly popular and rapidly growing segment of the fishing industry.  Fishing the WildSide ON-ICE brings that excitement and innovation to its audience in every episode. For 2006, that audience is even bigger. "Last year was phenomenally successful," says WildSide ON-ICE host Chip Leer. "The response from the audience was fantastic. This year, that audience will be four times bigger. Simply put – we'll be able to share our passion for ice fishing with more people than even before."  Fishing the WildSide ON-ICE is first and foremost an educational program, sharing with its viewers expert tips on how to catch more fish, whether it's at some of North America's premier ice fishing destinations, or in their own back yard. Cutting edge technologies are explored and explained in practical, useful ways by expert anglers who know ice anglers and their sport. Viewers will see all the action, above and below the ice, with stunning underwater photography showing lures, presentation techniques, and fish in their natural environment. Whether it's monster lake trout, trophy walleyes and pike, panfish, eelpout, or perch, if it's under the ice, it's on Fishing the WildSide ON-ICE.  If you want to catch more fish and have more fun doing it this winter, tune in to Fishing the WildSide ON-ICE Television. For stations, networks, and air times, episode previews, and more, visit Fishing the WildSide's website. Fishing the WildSide is a multi-media outdoor company, based in Walker, Minnesota.  The company celebrates the sport of fishing by sharing its passion and educating anglers through Fishing the WildSide Televsion, the Fishing the WildSide Website and the Fishing the WildSide Digital