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Yamaha's Multi-function Outboard Motor Tiller Handle Selected for 2005 Innovation Award

by: Walker Agency,

A beaming Dale Barnes ,Yamaha Marketing Division Manager, takes delivery of the 2005 Industry Innovation Award, Outboard Engines and Systems from Boating Writers Intl. President Roger Marshall. Flanking Marshall on the left is David Meeler, product manage
Photo by Walker Agency
(Oct. 26, 2005 - KENNESAW, Ga.,) Yamaha Marine has again won the Outboard Engine category of the annual marine industry Innovation Award competition, this time for its Multi-function outboard motor tiller handle. Announcement of the prestigious 2005 Boating Innovation Awards took place at the annual industry awards breakfast at the International Boatbuilders Exhibition and Conference,  Friday, Oct. 21 in Miami. The awards, given in eight categories, are presented by Boating Writers International, an international association of boating writers and broadcasters whose members are judges for the competition. Roger Marshall, president of  BWI, presented the award to David Meeler, product manager for Yamaha Marine Parts and Accessories Division. The new tiller handle has a composite-coated contoured shift lever that allows smooth easy shifting. The Power Trim and Tilt switch is located at the front of the throttle grip for easy access and fingertip adjustment while underway. Last year, Yamaha introduced a Variable Trolling Speed (VTS) system that allows the operator to increase or reduce engine speed in 50 RPM increments by using the simple, tiller-mounted UP/DOWN switch. The VTS switch is surface mounted making it easy to reach with the operating hand. Other innovations include a longer throttle grip for better leverage and maneuverability. The throttle grip also has a bigger diameter and a new grip pattern that is comfortable for long runs. Yamaha has also designed the grip with a shorter 90-degree twist for less arm fatigue. The key switch and stop switch are conveniently mounted just behind the shift lever. There is a triangular-shaped throttle friction adjustment knob that is opposite the shift lever and within easy reach. Winners for the awards were judged on the following criteria: innovative distinction from other products, benefit to industry, practicality, cost-effectiveness, the product must be displayed for the first time and brought to market in the following year. For more information, call (800) 88-YAMAHA.