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Florida Lure Anglers Becomes First Redfish Nation Club

by: Scott Cooley,

(Sep. 27, 2005 - Little Rock, AR.) The Redfish Nation is pleased to announce an affiliation with the Florida Lure Anglers fishing club of Jacksonville, Florida. This will be the first saltwater fishing club in the nation that has aligned itself with the leader in organized professional redfishing and will serve as breeding grounds for new anglers to enter the sport much like bass clubs have done in the freshwater venue. The club will host a series of tournaments where the overall champion will be awarded entry into a Redfish Nation Series presented by Academy event. Anglers will follow official Oh Boy! Oberto Redfish Cup rules during the tournaments that are slated for December 17, 2005 and February 25, 2006 in Jacksonville, FL. The brainchild of local tournament anglers Capt. Carl Hardy and Fred Grey, the Florida Lure Anglers was established in 2003 as a non-profit organization that hosts tournaments in the North Florida region where anglers target the “inshore slam” species of redfish, trout, and flounder. While there are other area events that vie for these species, the Florida Lure Anglers has differentiated itself by having an artificial lures only format and by running a 10-tournament season where points are accumulated. In addition to local events, the club also travels to different venues throughout the state to further test its anglers' versatility. With an importance placed on family participation, club dues include the primary angler and his/her immediate family. The club has adopted a motto: “Building Tomorrow’s Anglers, Today” which embodies the philosophy of passing along the joy of fishing to our youth, and the club is proud to have several young anglers who participate on a monthly basis including 2004-2005 Junior Angler champion Tiffany Hicks. The F.L.A.’s lady angler category is also packed with talent as evidenced by Heather Isbell’s impressive 6th place finish in last season’s overall Angler of the Year point race and win in the Lady Angler category. The Florida Lure Anglers is not only about tournaments, but also offers its members an opportunity for learning and fellowship. Monthly meetings feature guest speakers ranging from the top names in professional redfishing to manufacturers’ representatives from the largest companies in coastal saltwater fishing. The conservation of our local resource is very important to the club, and involvement with local and state government to improve the well being of our coastal waters has been a goal of the F.L.A. Many club members also belong to the Coastal Conservation Association, which is very active in the region. The highlight of the season is the F.L.A.’s annual banquet where 150-200 attendees including members, their families, club sponsors, and industry insiders gather for a night filled with food, drink, raffles, presentation of awards, and guest speakers. This year found Oh Boy! Oberto Redfish Cup Champions Bryan and Greg Watts on hand to provide post awards entertainment after reigning champion JD Nobles presented the 2004-2005 Angler of the Year award to Bob Morris.