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Mercury Leads the World in Low-Emissions Marine Power

-- Direct injection two-stroke and four-stroke outboards; MerCruiser Sterndrives, inboards, D-Tronic diesels and ski engines

by: Tony Esposito, Mercury Marine

(Tuesday, March 02,1999 - Fond du Lac, WI) Entering its 60th year as the leading contributor to marine power technology, Mercury marks the 1999 model year with an impressive array of low-emissions offerings, including five OptiMax' direct injection two-stroke outboards from 115 h.p. to 225 h.p.; 10 four-stroke outboards from 4 to 90 horsepower; and 12 MerCruiser four-cycle sterndrives from 135 to 415 horsepower; six inboard offering from 260 to 400 horsepower; 3 ski engines at 270, 315 and 330 horsepower; and seven virtually smokeless D-Tronic diesels from 150 to 270 horsepower.

Mercury offers more low-emissions engines and the widest range of low-emissions power of any marine manufacturer, allowing boaters to custom match Mercury power to suit whatever type of on-water activity they enjoy.

Mercury is also the only marine engine manufacturer with enough confidence to offer boaters exclusive protection like the 3-year limited corrosion warranty.

OptiMax sets the DI standard with an average 45 percent better fuel economy than traditional two-strokes; smooth, smokeless, misfire-free running quality; and emissions levels that exceed the U.S. EPA regulations for the year 2006. Now, OptiMax has raised the bar for direct injection two-stroke technology by offering 8 to10-percent better fuel consumption and lower emissions than competitive DI outboards, without sacrificing performance.

A precisely metered and highly stratified charge of fuel and air injected directly into the cylinder head makes OptiMax the best there is.

This fuel/air "plume" consists of millions of tiny fuel droplets that allow for nearly complete combustion. Maximizing the burn maximizes the power, provides incredible fuel efficiency and helps lower the emissions entering the atmosphere. No other V-6 outboard has it, or can match it.

Nor can they match the only full-coverage two-year, factory-backed warranty on any outboard anywhere. Because the OptiMax direct injection system is proven technology; proven where it counts, on the water.

From Black Max, the first V-6 outboard, to the first Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) outboards, Mercury pioneered the most significant breakthroughs in outboard technology. OptiMax, the first DI two-stroke outboard, is the natural evolution of those accomplishments.

Four-stroke outboards
Mercury offers 10 four-stroke outboards in its popular stable of smooth, smoke-free, quiet and fuel-efficient outboards that exceed EPA emissions standards for the year 2006. Mercury four-strokes are typically 30 to 35-percent more fuel-efficient than two-stroke counterparts. In addition to more choices, Mercury four-strokes provide boaters more horsepower, thrust, torque and features than competitive offerings.

Features like a camshaft-activated decompression system on most manual models that allows for easier starting. In fact, tests on the 25 Bigfoot four-stroke show 66 percent less pull force is needed to start the engine compared to Honda's 25 h.p.

Along with the convenience of using less oil, many Mercury four-strokes feature a patented system that allows the engine to be laid on any side without oil draining into the combustion chamber and causing hydraulic lock.

This feature takes the worry out of transporting or storing engines. In addition, these four-strokes feature dual oil draining options to make engine maintenance a breeze. The standard oil drain plug on the port side allows oil to be drained by tilting the engine up against the steering stop. Using the optional Quicksilver suction pump, oil can be removed from the engine through the dipstick tube, even while the boat is in the water.

Smaller Mercury four-strokes have their own decompression system for easier starting, and a patented vibration isolation system that minimizes the amount of force transferred to the tiller handle and boat transom.

What's a Bigfoot?
Bigfoot is the designation Mercury Marine assigns to its engines that feature larger, heavy-duty gearcases and higher gear ratios. Bigfoot models provide the perfect power for heavy applications like pontoon boats, or as a kicker motor for trolling large boats in big water.

Most Mercury MerCruiser Sterndrives, inboards, ski engines and diesels already meet the world’s toughest emissions standards. The newest member of the family is the 350 MAG MPI Horizon inboard. The Horizon series has been designed as virtually maintenance-free. Boaters need only remember periodic fluid level checks and seasonal filter and lubricant changes during the first three years of ownership.

Mercury MerCruiser Sterndrives, inboards, and ski engines are available with the improved fuel economy of Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) and multi-port fuel injection (MPI). These advanced engine management systems provide improved running quality and reduce the cost of operation.

The D-Tronic diesel series of inboards and sterndrives are the most powerful, fuel efficient and virtually smoke-free diesels on the water.

These state-of-the art power packages feature advanced microprocessor electronic control units that monitor a variety of engine function sensors. Data from each sensor is calculated and the optimum amount of fuel is injected into the engine at precisely the right time, delivering the maximum fuel efficiency and virtually eliminating smoke.