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7 Strand Kona Clone Classic

Kona Clone Classic
(Sep. 15, 2005 - ) What the experts say... “Year after year, the Kona Clone family of lures continues to be a leader in offshore trolling lures. Now each Kona Clone comes with a multi color prism head which match perfectly our 7 Strand skirts to further enhance the Kona Clone effectiveness. The Kona Clones are responsible for many of the largest big eye tuna and striped marlin caught in Southern California, huge black and blue marlin catches in Cabo and both white and blue marlin in the Gulf. There is a size and shape for whatever game fish you choose to target worldwide.” Accounts for more catches than any other lure fished anywhere. The 7 Strand Kona Clone Classic has been redesigned with a uniquely shaped 3-D eye and new, vibrant, fish-catching colors injected into the head. Available in 9.5-, 11- and 14-inch models, the Kona Clone Classic has a witchcraft mylar reflective tape on the skirting with the lower half featuring reflective, holographic mylar. A popular and amazingly effective trolling bait, the hollow head cavity can be packed with Berley PowerBaitSea Dough making it doubly irresistible to billfish, bonita, kingfish, tuna and any predator in the sea. Once the fish key in on the boat's wake, the eye-catching appearance and motion of Kona Clone Classic makes big saltwater fish want to strike and hang on. Name: Kona Clone Classic Product family: 7 Strand Bait Primary Species: Saltwater offshore Size: 9.5-inch Swimmer, 11-inch Swimmer, 11-inch Flat-Headed Pusher, 14-inch Flat-Headed Pusher Colors: Blue Mack, Mack, Mean Joe, Midnight, Petrolaro, Bleed Mack, Bleeder, Blueberry Hill, Orange Dolphin, Lollipop, Pink Cadillac, Lumo Green Features: 3-D eyes, skirted, hollow body cavity, available in swimmers and pushers Technique: Trolling Suggested Price: $21.68 9.5”; $24.26 11” swimmer; $24.26 11” flathead; $34.06 14” flathead pusher