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Landing big gamefish detailed in third book of ice fishing series

by: Brenda Riege, Book Department,,

(Monday, October 18,1999 - ) Tom Gruenwald, a fisheries biologist and professional ice-fisherman, knows there is no bigger thrill than hooking, fighting and landing a big gamefish through ice. Now hard-water anglers looking for the same thrill can find all the information they need to consistently pull big fish from beneath the ice in Gruenwald's new book, Hooked on Ice Fishing III: Gamefish. The latest book in Gruenwald's popular Hooked on Ice Fishing series, Hooked on Ice Fishing III puts readers right in the thick of the fight with hundreds of photos and illustrations, and easy-to-understand explanations that take the guesswork out of fishing frozen water. The most popular gamefish -- walleye, pike, salmon, bass, lake trout, steelhead and whitefish -- are covered thoroughly within individual chapters. Readers are also treated to tips on landing muskellunge, Atlantic cod and halibut.

Gruenwald reveals preferred habitats, behavior and movements of the specific species. He also offers a versatile array of productive, fine-tuned presentations for a variety of situations and conditions. Suggestions for where to look, what bait to use, and how to set up are included for each species. Many of Gruenwald's highly refined methods have never before been revealed. The best angling techniques of ice pros, ice tackle designers and manufacturers throughout North America are included. These veterans of frozen water know high quality gamefish catches are seldom easy and offer tricks that have improved their own odds of landing a trophy.

Hooked on Ice Fishing III: Gamefish reveals how to use systematic, mobile approaches to locate the winter baitfish and panfish that gamefish pursue. It also covers researching target waters using lake maps, electronic navigational aids, sonar, and underwater cameras. Many basic concepts of ice fishing are reviewed including methods for remaining safe and comfortable in the cold. Hooked on Ice Fishing III: Gamefish can be purchased from major bookstores or directly from the publisher for $16.95 (soft cover) plus $3.25 shipping for the first book and $2 for each additional book. Wisconsin residents, please add 5.5% sales tax. Illinois residents, add 6.25%. Iowa and Pennsylvania residents, add 6%. California residents, add 7.25%. Virginia residents, add 4.5%.Tennessee residents, add 8.25%. Washington residents, add 8.2%.

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