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Learn To Keep Reels In Top Performance With Shimano Service Maintenance Workshops Held at Shallow Water Expo - Houston

by: John Mazurkiewicz, Catalyst Marketing

(Wednesday, September 29,1999 - IRVINE, CA.) It's always been said that to keep something working properly, a little preventative maintenance can go a long way. Especially when fishing is involved. No one wants an equipment problem keeping them from landing that long-sought-after trophy.

Shimano's service department, in conjunction with Cut Rate Tackle Unlimited, will provide anglers with the needed knowledge to perform routine maintenance with its special Reel Maintenance Workshops‚ at the upcoming Shallow Water Fishing Expo in Houston. Morning sessions (10:30 a.m.) and afternoon sessions (2:30 p.m.) will be held on both Saturday, Oct. 9 and Sunday, Oct. 10. Stop by the Shimano booth for the workshop‚s room location in Astro Arena.

According to Kevin Dart, service manager for Shimano, the workshops will cover casting, spinning and conventional saltwater reels. "For anyone who wants to participate, simply bring a functioning Shimano reel to the show with you, and factory and warranty center staff will provide step-by-step maintenance instructions," said Dart.

All participants will be provided with tools, cleaning supplies, towels and complimentary reel grease and oil. "We'll be able to show anglers where grease and oil is supposed to be applied, and places where it should never touch," said Dart. "With some basic knowledge on reel maintenance, we can help anglers keep their Shimano reels performing like new year after year."

For more information on the Shallow Water Fishing Expo, Oct. 9-10 at Astro Arena in Houston, call: 561/562-5069.