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Trophy Bass Love New Lake Fork Jig

by: Steve Price,

(Wednesday, September 29,1999 - QUITMAN, TX) It's been more than a dozen years since Lake Fork guide Mark Stevenson caught "Ethel," the 17 pound, 6 ounce largemouth that started the fabulous the big bass boom on Lake Fork, but that giant certainly hasn’t been the only trophy Stevenson has caught. He and his clients have caught numerous other bass as heavy as 15 pounds.

Their secret? The Lake Fork Jig, now available for the first time to serious bass hunters looking for a true big-fish lure. After years of, Stevenson has designed the best possible jig to penetrate heavy brush and vegetation -- and his results on Lake Fork prove it.

The Lake Fork Jig™ features a pointed but flared head with a recessed hook refinement eye, allowing the jig not only to penetrate cover but also to come back through it without snagging; a small-diameter, nylon fiber weed guard that helps deflect the lure from brush but doesn’t become soft and useless after time in the water; and an ultra-sharp Mustad Needle Point hook for maximum hook-setting power.

"To me, jigs are the ultimate trophy bass lure," says Stevenson, "but poor designs will instantly decrease their effectiveness. This jig has been tested and refined through nearly two decades of almost daily fishing on Lake Fork, and I would not release it to the public until I was satisfied with it.

"This is one lure you put into those dark, shadowy places big bass live, and if he bites, you’ll hook him."

Stevenson offers the Lake Fork Jig™ in true weights of 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4, and 1 ounce sizes silicone skirts enhanced with flash tinsel in 15 proven colors to match popular jig trailers such as pork, Mister Twister Exude Craw Chunk, Zoom Super Chunk, Gambler ninja Claw, and Lake fork Trophy Tackle Pig Claw.

For additional information, contact Johnson's Custom Baits, P. O. Box 165, Quitman, TX 75783, tel. (903) 763-5028, or fax (903) 763-2161. The Mark Stevenson Lake Fork Jig can also be seen on the website at Johnson Baits.