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KIDS FISHING CLUB of AMERICA, a new program designed to keep kids off of drugs, away from gangs and violence

(Feb. 26, 2005 - Moultrie, GA) Moultrie, Georgia-Tack-L-Pack, a fishing tackle manufacturer and Fish-N-Systems, a wholesaler of fishing tackle in Georgia announces the news of its KIDS FISHING CLUB of AMERICA. This will be a monthly mail out membership for all kids which are enrolled in the program. Designed to try and keep kids off of drugs, away from gangs and violence. It is the hope that if we can keep one child away from DRUGS it will be worth all of our efforts. A monthly letter will be mailed to each kid along with a FREE lure and in the letter will be encouragement for kids to fish and do wholesome activities rather than get involved in drugs. We are looking for individuals or companies who would like to support us in this effort. There can be no greater cause than that of our children-our greatest asset. For more information, or to help with this worthwhile cause, please contact Richard or Lori Nash at 229.985.4349 or e-mail . Address is KIDS FISHING CLUB of AMERICA P.O. Box 3502 Moultrie, Georgia 31776