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One Of The Most Versatile Baits Ever Created

(Aug. 25, 2004 - ) Most fishing lures are designed to imitate baitfish, the main diet of what anglers are trying to catch. Throughout the history of angling, lure designers have come up with an interesting hodge-podge of shapes, sizes and colors to fool their prey. The new Power Bait Blade Dancer from Berkley is like nothing any fish has ever seen before and yet resembles baitfish better than anything previous designers had developed. The new Power Bait Blade Dancer is really four baits in one. By taking the lifelike action and the fish-attracting features of angler's favorite artificial baits – soft plastics, spoons, crankbaits and jigs, Berkley has created a bait that simplifies the fishing experience due to its versatile range of capabilities. With its exclusive Power Bait formula and five irresistible natural swimming motions, the Blade Dancer may become the only bait a tackle box needs! Jig it, drop it, pause it, swim it or walk it. The secret to the new Berkley Power Bait Blade Dancer versatility is the combination of its weighted balance and bent blade design. The Power Bait Blade Dancer is more realistic due to its lifelike features and irresistible swimming motion – see it in the water and you would swear it's alive. Best of all, it puts more fish in the boat. The Blade Dancer can be retrieved with a steady swim providing a constant back and forth action mimicking a cruising baitfish. Often predator fish suchas bass, walleye, pike or trout will strike bait that seems a little different than other baitfish in the school. A single baitfish that appears to be injured won't last long in the wild world of fishes. This sinking bait can be retrieved at any depth based on retrieval speed, rod tip position, line size and depth when the retrieval begins. Give the bait a pause and go retrieve and the action takes on a new look, that of a crippled baitfish. It's Mother Nature's way of keeping everything healthy. Sick or dying prey is the first to go. Vertical jigging also produces the crippled look. Allowing the Blade Dancer to free fall gives the bait a totally different look as the bait literally swims as it drops. It gives the lure a look of a pre-occupied baitfish such as one spawning or eating. They are easy prey for hungry predators. The Blade Dancer may be the easiest bait to fish ever designed because there is no wrong way to work the lure. Four sizes of Blade Dancer are available including 1/16-ounce, 3/16-ounce, 5/16-ounce and 3/8 ounce. The bait is pre-rigged with a Berkley Power Bait grub with a swimming tail. The lifelike grub has realistic textured fins and 3-D eyes. Fifteen popular colors are offered including alewife, black shade, bleeding minnow, chartreuse shiner, fire tiger, glow/chartreuse, perch, rainbow smelt, rainbow trout, shiner, black gold, electric grape, tequila sunrise, red shad and bloodshot. The blade and body are packaged with coordinated color sequences. Each bait is packaged with extra bodies. The suggested retail price is $4.99. For more information about Berkley or the location of the nearest Berkley retailer, call Berkley Angler Services at 1-800-BERKLEY.