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Yamaha announces significant price increases for outboard motor powerheads it sells to Brunswick Corporation

by: Walker Agency,

(Jul. 23, 2004 - KENNESAW, Ga.) Yamaha Motor Company, Ltd. announced that it will shortly significantly raise the prices of the F75, F90 and F115 four-stroke powerheads for outboard motors that it sells to Brunswick Corporation (NYSE:BC).  Yamaha is not publicly announcing the amount of the increase to Brunswick. Phil Dyskow, President of the Marine Group of Yamaha Motor Corporation, U.S.A., stated, "These price increases are part of Yamaha's on-going efforts to restructure its prices in Japan and the United States to meet the requirements of the current business climate.  Yamaha is required to increase these prices in order to protect its commercial position in the United States." Mr. Dyskow concluded, "We are not raising the prices of Yamaha brand outboard motors sold to customers in the United States.  This increase only applies to the sale of the specified powerheads to Brunswick."