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What's New From Yamaha Marine For Model Year 2000

(Wednesday, August 18,1999 - )

High Pressure Direct Injection (HPDI) Outboards

  • Yamaha introduces its High Pressure Direct Injection (HPDI) outboards in 150 and 200 hp ratings to saltwater and freshwater fishing fans. This revolutionary new design reduces exhaust emissions by 75 percent, meeting the EPA's 2006 low-emission guidelines six years early. In addition to meeting the low-emission guidelines, these new motors are also more powerful and more fuel efficient than conventional direct injection outboards. Available in bass and offshore shaft lengths.

Four-Stroke Outboards

  • Expanding its line of fuel-efficient, low-emission four-strokes, Yamaha introduces the new F115. Featuring a brand new in-line four-cylinder powerhead with 106.2 cubic-inches of displacement, the new F115 brings a lot to the table Multi-port Fuel Injection, dual overhead cams, four-valve long track induction system with silencer, front air intake and a counter-rotating model for twin engine setups. Available in three models.
  • For model year 2000, Yamaha replaces its F40 with a brand new model. The new F40 features a durable in-line three-cylinder engine block with a single overhead cam design and long tube silencer. A Hydro-Tilt System assists in raising and lowering the motor on manual tilt models. An oil/fuel separator recycles unused fuel and oil from exhaust gases and redirects them back into the engine where they can be used again so only exhaust gases are emitted from the engine. Available in four models.

C Series Outboards

  • Anglers and boaters looking for economical V4 power can now turn to Yamaha's new C115. A new aerodynamic cowling incorporates a cowl-within-a-cowl design for excellent sound dampening and resistance to the elements. Access to the engine itself is easy with the single lever release on the front of the cowl.
  • A new three-cylinder C70 outboard featuring a powerful 6 amp alternator has been added to the line for owners of mid-sized boats looking for economically priced power.
Other News
  • Front-mounted freshwater flushing has been added to nine models - six four-stroke F25 models, the four-stroke F50, the four-stroke, high-thrust T50 and the two-stroke 90. The freshwater flushing device easily attaches to a standard garden hose with no tools needed. Also, the engine does not need to be running in order to flush any salt and dirt out of the engine's water passages.
  • Two fuel-injected VMAX outboards receive enhanced engine motor mounts that were redesigned to be 22 percent stronger. The extra strength in the mounts means better performance and smoother operation. The models are the Ox66 fuel-injected VMAX 200 and 225 3.1-liter outboards.
  • Yamaha now uses a new standard tachometer across much of its outboard line (from 40 through 250 hp; both two-strokes and four-strokes). The LCD Multifunction Tachometer uses different icons for the different motor applications.
  • Yamaha offers cross-platform CD-ROMs with high-quality images of its new outboards.
  • Yamaha's Product Information Guide is a pocket-sized, 250+ page book featuring specs and feature descriptions on all of Yamaha's outboards from the lightweight, portable 2 hp all the way up to the 3.1-liter Ox66 fuel-injected Saltwater Series II 250hp engine, including propellers and associated equipment.