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Lake Fork Trophy Bait & Tackle has a new trick with their "Magic Shad"

(Wednesday, August 18,1999 - Emory, TX) Lake Fork Trophy Bait & Tackle introduces their latest trick with the new 5" Magic Shad.

The Magic Shad is an irresistible likeness of the real thing with its natural shad body and a unique "spade-shaped" tail that sets up a vibration when the lure is retrieved or even on the fall. Rigging the "Magic Shad" is no trick with its special mold-ed in "hook slot" that allows for easy rigging of a jig head or worm hook, concealing the hook making the lure virtually weedless for fishing heavy cover. In addition to these features, the Magic Shad is "garlic & salt impregnated" making fish hold on to the lure longer for more hook sets.

Lake Fork Trophy Bait & Tackle offers the 5" Magic Shad in a variety of solid, laminated, and multi-colors for both freshwater and saltwater fishing.

For further information about the 5" Magic Shad and the other Lake Fork Trophy Bait & Tackle products contact LAKE FORK TROPHY BAIT & TACKLE at 1-800-408-2028 or FAX 903-473-0142.