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Bermuda Triangle Series Report – Bermuda Hot!

by: Jimmy Loveland,

New Angler Award Announced!
Photo by Jimmy Loveland
(Jul. 10, 2004 - Virgin Islands) We are off to Bermuda on Monday to set up for the Bermuda leg of the BTS series. I heard some fantastic news yesterday in that 43 boats are fishing the Fourth Annual, Bermuda Big Game Classic. This is a tournament put on by Marlin Magazine for the purpose of promoting Bermuda as a vacation destination and specifically as a World Class Big Game Fishery. Marlin's promotional efforts are working - because everyone I know wants to fish there! The update on the first day of fishing was fantastic, more of the giants sighted and a bunch caught.

The Bermuda Triangle Series - Bermuda Open is next and it will be fished July 16, 17 and 18. We are honored to be the guest of the Royal Bermuda Yacht Club. Our IGFA Certified Observers are ready to board their flights and you know that they are dreaming of seeing a really big fish! Speaking of big fish, keep your eyes on the BTS – Bermuda Open next week. I say this because our philosophy (twenty-five years) has always been to reward the anglers who catch the greatest "number" of fish, crediting them with "points" for their releases. We also modified our rules to accommodate those who believe that the sport should be based around "The Old Man and the Sea" (epic battle between man and beast) theory. Therefore our "modified release" rules state that an exceptionally large fish (potential World Record) can either be boated or released, based on the angler's personal commitment to the fish. If the fish is boated and it weighs enough, the angler receives the same "points" given to a released fish. If the fish weighs less than the current world record, all points are lost (because a productive female was taken out of inventory). It's going to be interesting to see how these rules work for anglers who are fishing in Elephant Land!

Got a wild urge to fish Bermuda with us? Call me at 340-775-9500 to learn of the boats that are Monster Fish ready! You can also email:

New Angler Award Announced! A new tournament tradition will be introduced during the BTS -Bermuda Open. The top angler will receive a beautiful gold pendent that is shaped like the early Hawaiian bone hook, designed by artist Edward Pang. What is special is that a precious stone will be set into the hook, denoting the "leg" of the Bermuda Triangle Series that the angler won. The Bahamas will be a beautiful sapphire, Bermuda will be a fine ruby and the St. Thomas, ABMT "Boy Scout" winner will receive a diamond. We feel our winners will treasure this gift and will strive to collect all the stones during their fishing career. In addition to the hook, our anglers and crews will also receive an armament of rods and reels from our sponsors Shimano and Leeward Rod Company. Yep, there will be a fat Calcutta too!

North Drop Report - The Blue Marlin fishing in the Virgin Islands started up on schedule. The June Moon was plentiful with only a handful of boats on the Drop. The late July Moon will be a different story as there are a bunch of boats on the way. Many are planning on fishing the July Open (July 29, 30, 31 and Aug. 1), which is a "boat" tournament operated by the Virgin Islands Game Fishing Club (340-775-9144). Then another wave of rigs will arrive in time for the USVI Open/ABMT or "Boy Scout" in late August (26-30).

For those who regularly fish St. Thomas - here is an interesting subject to keep an eye on this summer. During the July 4th World Cup we had six boats entered from the St. Thomas area. Wanting to be strictly legal, all six captains agreed to fish to the West of the North Drop, staying in United States waters. Legal, because billfish caught in BVI waters cannot be boated under their new laws. Well, they didn't see or catch the big one, but the six released 8 Blue Marlin in what is now known as the Gringo hole! The next day Jimmy, Red Bailey and Jeff Kreiner (VIGFC President) were aboard Ralph Christiansen's beautiful 60' Pescador and Captain Tito took us to the same area. We caught two and missed two (I'm not telling on who missed them) and the ocean was full of life. The three boats fishing on the North Drop (BVI waters) thirteen miles to the East didn't catch a fish that day. The point I'm making is that if we concentrate on the area west of the Corner, we'll catch plenty of fish and the Captains won't have to drive facing forward like the do on I-95 North.

Big Game Room - 2005 Miami International Boat Show

Believe it or not we are already getting to work on the Big Game Room. If you missed the inaugural you missed a good time. Waves and waves of fishermen came through the doors. Those of you who were vendors last year should be contacting Joanne Zito at to reserve your space. If you have a fishing product that you want to get in front of the fishermen – the Big Game Room offers the perfect venue. Imagine yourself in a Sport Fishing Disneyland – that's what it was like!

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