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New Board Of Directors Members Elected For The American Sportfishing Association

by: Janet Tennyson, Director of Co,

(Jun. 28, 2004 - Alexandria, VA) Six new members of the American Sportfishing Association's Board of Directors for next year were recently elected to fill three At-Large seats and three Regional seats, with their terms beginning October 1, 2004. The Board includes 16-21 members who serve 2-year terms. At-Large seats went to Dave Burkhardt with Triple Fish International; Peter Foley with Boone Bait Company, who was reelected for a second term; and Jeff Pontius with Zebco. Tom Fote with Jersey Coast Anglers Association was elected to represent the Northeast Region, Randy Lemcke was reelected to a second term representing the Great Lakes region, and Geoff Ratte with Water Gremlin Company was reelected to represent the Northern Plains and Inter-Mountain Region. "These new members to the Board of Directors complement an already impressive pool of talent and perspective for guiding the activities of the sportfishing industry's trade association," said Mike Nussman, President & CEO of the American Sportfishing Association. "We're fortunate to have these strong leaders step up to serve the interests of the whole industry." In addition to continuing to help improve the ICAST trade show, Dave Burkhardt, President of Triple Fish International, is especially interested in working with state and federal natural resource managers to ensure fishing license and excise tax dollars improve fishing access and fisheries conservation.  Peter Foley, President of Boone Bait Company, would like to continue his role in maintaining a fiscally responsible trade association. He is also interested in helping to improve the ICAST trade show and working with the Government Affairs Committee to help keep our fisheries resources healthy.  Jeff Pontius is President of Zebco and current Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Recreational Boating and Fishing Foundation. He plans to help both organizations coordinate, complement, and reinforce efforts to increase fishing participation. Tom Fote is Legislative Chairman of the Jersey Coast Anglers Association. He aims to bring his perspective from years of involvement with sportsmen's clubs to expand collaboration among recreational anglers, state and federal fisheries agencies, and the recreational fishing industry.  Randy Lemcke, Vice President of Plano's Outdoor Products Division, wishes to help the association establish a solid core of integrity, fiscal responsibility, vision, and representation for a larger, more active membership base that will keep the sportfishing industry strong and viable. Geoff Ratte, Sales Manager with Water Gremlin Company, has been especially involved with the Government Affairs and Trade and Commerce committees. He would like to continue to help the association become stronger, more solvent, and better organized to address the challenges the industry faces. The Board of Directors represents the American Sportfishing Association's 600 members. The Board sets priorities and develops strategies to address the business interests of the industry and advance fishing participation and fisheries conservation. The Board also oversees the association's revenues, investments, and spending. Current members of the Board of Directors are Jerry Calengor, Normark/Rapala Corporation (Chairman); David Pfeiffer, Shimano American Corporation (Vice Chairman); Burt Steinberg, American Rod and Gun (Past Chairman); Randy Lemcke, Plano Molding Company (Secretary); Peter Foley, Boone Bait Company (Treasurer); Fred Neal, Cabela's (At-Large member of the Executive Committee); Tom Bennett, International Association of Fish and Wildlife Agencies; Thomas Dammrich, National Marine Manufacturers Association; Ed Dinkins, Bass Pro Shops; Clem Dippel, Bass Anglers Sportsman Society/ESPN; John Jilling, Wright & McGill Company; Bert Kaplan, Kaplan Associates; Jim Lebson, G. Loomis; Dick Pool, Pro-Troll; Chip Powell, Mason Tackle Company; Geoff Ratte, Water Gremlin Company; Blair Wickstrom, Florida Sportsman Magazine; and Gary Zurn, Big Rock Sports. The American Sportfishing Association is the sportfishing industry's trade association, uniting more than 600 members of the sportfishing and boating industries with state fish and wildlife agencies, federal land and water management agencies, conservation organizations, angler advocacy groups, and outdoor journalists. The American Sportfishing Association safeguards and promotes the enduring social, economic, and conservation values of sportfishing.