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"Sticky" Results with Syndicated News

by: Fishingworld staff,

(Jun. 10, 2004 - Lindale, TX) Web sites want to be "Sticky".  They want their web visitors to "stick around" and they want their web visitors to come back often.  To accomplish this usually requires having fresh content of interest to their specific marketplace, and that means a lot of time and increased cost for editorial work., Inc. now has a low cost (and even a no cost) solution to providing constantly updated news and articles with its Syndicated NewsDrive for those who want to have a "Sticky" web site to attract customers in the fishing and boating markets. "The editorial staff of FishingWorld devotes several hundred hours each month to acquire, code and publish our content on the web," stated Larry Thompson, vice president of, Inc. "We typically publish an average of 8 to 10 articles a day, seven days a week and this has resulted in our achieving high traffic numbers as well as being recognized as the most visited U. S. web site in all 'News and Media' categories for fishing.  Our news covers fishing tournaments, the industry, articles, new product and other information of interest to the anglers and boaters." Thompson noted that has recently developed a proprietary NewsDrive system which allows its content to be viewed on other web sites while keeping the visitors on that site.  "With our NewsDrive System and our content, it makes good sense to syndicate this news to the other web sites.  We can provide this service at no cost by using advertising-supported content, or advertising-free content for as little as $24 per month.  We have the capability to provide a branded News Service which allows a company to provide specialized news to its dealers or affiliates." "Setting up NewsDrive is easy, takes only a click or two of a mouse, assignment of an ID number and it's ready to go" explained Thompson.  "Our content will be projected on that page and every time the page is viewed or refreshed, our most current news articles will be featured as well as access to more that 10,000 archived articles.  Most importantly, when a story is clicked on, the page will continue to show the URL of the receiving site. We take great care to keep each site's visitors on that site.  Even when the ads are clicked on with the free version, the receiving site's page will stay in the background.  This is not like the RSS (Really Simple Syndication) application being used by many syndicators which links the visitor to the original site that published the content and effectively takes visitors away from the receiving site.", Inc., Lindale, Texas, is a news and content publisher for fishing consumers which also designs and hosts web systems for the businesses in the fishing industry, bringing together the consumer traffic with the businesses within the web community.  One of the more established and successful Internet companies, its March traffic was 440,000 visitor sessions with 1,500,000 pageviews and more than 11.8 million file requests. is one of the most popular sites with tournament anglers for its timely and vast tournament results coverage. For more information call Thompson at 903-882-8877.