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H & H Rattles Presents an arsenal of "Rattles"

(Monday, July 26,1999 - Alexander, AR) Rattles are fast becoming a vital addition to the bass anglers arsenal. They attract fish to lures that would otherwise go unnoticed. Rattles enable an angler to announce to fish that their lure is in the vicinity by producing a clicking sound, mimicking their forage.

Whether you are using a Pig-n-Jig, Tube, SpinnerBait, Carolina Rig, or just using a worm, H & H Plastic Rattles makes a rattle to enhance the lure that you are using. All rattles are made form a tough impact resistant plastic that will not break or shatter, making them both safe and practical to use. Our product line includes:

Jig Rattle - Use these rattles on you favorite Jig. They simply snap onto the shank of the hook. They can be added or removed at your convenience. They are available in Clear and Black.

Double Jig Rattles - These rattles work in exactly the same way as the single jig rattles, but are twice as loud. These are without question the loudest jig rattles on the market. They are available in Black.

Tube Rattle - These rattles are used with tube type lures, or any lure that that has a cavity in it. Unlike glass rattles, once they are inserted into the lure, they stay in place until you are ready to remove it.

Bullet Rattle - These rattles are the most versatile rattles ever produced. These rattles will absolutely change the way fishermen use soft plastic lures. They are available in a variety of colors to match the color of lure that you are using.

Carolina Rig Rattle - These rattles are an excellent replacement for the beads that are normally used on the Carolina rig. Just place them between the sinker and the swivel. They have an excellent fish attracting clicking sound.

Rattling Spinnerbait - These baits are excellent for producing fish when no other lure will work. A rattle chamber is installed on the wire shaft immediately below the first blade. When the blade or blades start to rotate the shaft vibrates sending the rattle chamber into action creating a fish attracting rattling sound. You can actually hear this bait coming through the water. They are available in Black, Pearl White, Chartreuse Hot Pink, Chartreuse/White, Red, Shad, Brown/Orange, Fire Tiger, Black with Blue Fleck. Sizes 1/4 & 3/8 oz.

Look for our up coming additions. We will soon be adding a Rattling Spoon.

H & H Plastic Rattles have been used and tested by both pro bass fishermen and amateur fishermen with excellent results.

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