Hello Fishing Friends!!

           The Fishingworld Team would like to wish everyone a happy and successful New Years! With the new fishing season rapidly approaching, we are in the process of getting our site back up into full swing so that our readers can use it to the best of their advantage.

          We are currently in the process of getting our News system redesigned to both make it more modern and make it easier to bring the latest news to you. One of the other big projects that we are working on is to make a better list of the Dealers, Tournaments, Guides, Lodges, Manufacturers, and Retailers that are in the Marine industry. In the past we have always either required you be an advertiser with us or use our website system to be listed on Fishingworld. We realize though that is not what is in the best interest of anyone that uses FishingWorld and will be offering all of the company listings on FishingWorld for free.

          If you are a company that would be interested in listing yourself on the FishingWorld website, please simply use our contact form to send us the pertinant information for your company. For each of the listing types, please include what you would like to be listed under, your company name, phone number, email address, Address, website, and a short description of your company/the area you serve (if applicable).

          Thank you very much in your help with bringing FishingWorld back to the number one spot and the GoTo place to get all fishing related info, The FishingWorld Team.