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Happy New Years.....

Adios 1998 and Howdy 1999

by: Fishingworld staff,

(Thursday, December 31,1998 - Lindale, TX)
If you are just discovering for the first time, let us take this opportunity to welcome you to the World of Fishing. A true community just for fishing enthusiasts who are looking for a place to call home. In a minute we'll go over all the interesting areas that are available at

To all of you who visit regularly, thanks for your support and we hope that the upcoming year is loaded with lots of "bites" of happyness and prosperity.

Back to you newcomers...there are several areas that you will find interesting at, perhaps the most popular is the News Section, here you will find up to the minute information about tournaments, new products, industry news, and articles and information from your fellow fishermen. A few hints about some of the features available in the News Section:

  • All articles have been archived, this means that they are searchable by lake, organizations, even your name, if it has mentioned in an article.
  • You can click on the name of a specific organization listed on the lower right side and it will provide a listing of all the archived articles for that organization. Example: We have in our Newsroom 142 articles archived about Bassmasters for your use.

The Forums Section is for the fishermen to share ideas, questions, answers, really just about anything that is fishing related. There are lots of posts on tons of subject, you can spend hours browsing and commenting.

The Classified section is a free advertising space for non-commerical items. Advertise your boat, motors, rods, reels, lake house, whatever, just don't plan to start a on-line catalog store there. If it sounds commerical, our webmaster will remove it. (He's pretty tough).

The Tournament section is huge, it hosts many tournament organizations web pages, along with the searchable tournament database. Here you can search for tournaments by the date, lake or organization. At any one time there are anywhere from 400 to 1,000 tournaments listed. It changes often, so if you're into tournaments you'll want check this area often.

The Retailer area has lots of stores to shop in, offering all kinds of merchandise for sale, from tackle to insurance. Several stores have on-line catalogs with shopping carts, while others have direct ordering options.

Our Marine Dealer area has Boat Showrooms, explaining about lines of boats and motors they carry, along with information about their service departments and accessories.

The Manufacturer section offers a wide array of web sites providing you with detailed information on the companies, their products and services.

Other areas include Publications, Service, Lodging/Resorts and Guides/Outfitters, with information that you will find both interesting and helpful.

Another service that is available at is a daily email update that is sent out at midnight listing the new articles that have been posted during the past 24 hours.

The web community is a total environment designed, maintained and hosted on the fishingworld web servers. This insures you the visitors of the highest quality, easily navigatible, content rich web community, that is constantly updated and monitored for your enjoyment. When you Click on any banner ad, or directory listing you can be assured that you will remain within the web community and not be sent on an unknown journey into cyberspace.

That will give you an idea what is currently available at the community, and I've heard from the "Office Grapevine" that some interesting new areas and features are in the works....We are getting ready for the 1999 fishing season and we hope that you are too. Remember, when you're not on the water "fishing", you can be "fishing" through