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IMAGINE: Fishing in a Major Tournament Without your Trolling Motor

(Sunday, April 13,1997 - ) As fun as this does not sound, many experienced fishermen have done just that when their trolling motor cable breaks during a tournament.

The Tournament Saver is your basic "Fisherman's Insurance Policy" for trolling motor cable breakage.

Kerry Norwood, an accomplished tournament fisherman has developed a product he calls, "Tournament Saver". The idea for the "Tournament Saver" came when, during a particularly big tournament, Kerry's foot control trolling motor cable broke from wear and tear. Kerry tried to fish the rest of the day by paddling, and various other hopeless methods, but realized very quickly that his day and the tournament were finished.

He then set out to design a product that would save him if this ever happened again. After several models and many components, Kerry came up with the present, "Tournament Saver".

Made of lightweight aluminum tubing, and small enough to store in the bottom of a rod box, the "Tournament Saver" can be installed in minutes to all trolling motor shafts using only a screwdriver.

In today's society you can buy insurance for most anything. Now every tournament, and pleasure fishing trip, fishermen can insure themselves against trolling motor cable problems with the "Tournament Saver"

For more information or to order the "Tournament Saver"($44.95 + $4 shpg/hdlg) contact Norwood Company, Rt 1 Box 734, Butler, AL 36904. Or call (205) 459-6679.