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"new" Lightnin' Shad series

(Tuesday, August 12,1997 - Norman, OK) STORM LURES' electrifying introduction for 1998 is causing lots of Rrrumbling. The "new" Lightnin' Shad series begins a whole new "lure family" for STORM, debuting with two sizes in the ultra deep-diving version. Both are rattling, floater/divers with steep, deep-diving properties. The 3 1/4 in., 7/8 oz. (DCL series) is a "Real Pro" size, reaching casting depths of well over 20 feet, while the 2 1/2 in., 1/2 oz (DAL series) is the ideal choice when a smaller profile and depths over 15 feet are required.

Designed by David Storm (son of senior lure-designer Bill Storm) and tested by tournament pros, these lures have several properties that classify them as truly New STORM concept. During testing stages, a hefty 10 lb largemouth bass was caught on a prototype model by Bass Pro and "Deep Cranbait Expert" David Ashcraft, winner of the 1996 BASSMASTER Virginia Eastern Invitational. The "Lightnin' Shad" has a very thin contour, comparable to the original "THINFIN® Silver Shad"® the lure that rocketed the STORM company into the fishing tackle market. But this is where the likeness begins and ends.

The "Lightnin' Shad" has a unique, shad-shaped, full-bellied, dorsal-finned body that starts with a clear, spoon-like, integral diving lip and progresses to a tail that is thick enough to hold the rear hook intact and accommodate big, strong bronzed trebles. Its easy-casting design exhibits a rapid "nose-dive" descent, which is especially advantageous for bass fishermen. Its stability remains intact, even with moderate to moderately-high speed trolling or use in fast flowing rivers -- critical for walleye, salmon and steelhead enthusiasts. Free-floating BB's emit a harmonious "clicking" tune. The sizzling "new and exclusive", natural looking, internal "FireStorm™ 3-D" finishes dance through the water with "on-off/on/-of" multi-colored flashes of reflected light and are available in eight realistic fish-food color patterns.

Create your own Thunder & Lightning with the exciting, "Lightnin' Shad" crankbaits! Obtakin a FREE catalog by writing to: Storm Lures, PO Box 720265, Norman, OK 73070-4199.