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"The Family Connection"

Bass Tournaments Attracting Family Oriented Enjoyments

by: Ed Snyder, Ed Snyder Outdoors

(Saturday, November 28,1998 - Sam Rayburn, TX)
The bass fishing tournament industry has come a long way from those previous weekender fruitjar "winner take all" episodes to what are now well developed, and professionally organized, bass fishing tournaments which now pay out thousands of dollars in cash & prizes for its weekend contestants. "Something for everyone" is now a promised enticement which attracts the interests of all those who seek to exercise their sporting blood, as tournament organizations now offer several different formats which can fit anyones family budgeted enjoyment.

"I probably started Hunter fishing as soon as he was able to walk, answered John Hale, as he helped his 9 year old son pick out the right "Tuba Tube" from his tackle pack. "He seemed to pick up on it pretty quick, John continued to inform, adding that Hunter enjoys all outdoor activities, which now includes bass fishing tournaments.

John Hale, a longtime professional bass angler with credited ventures within the National Tournament tours, which includes a BassMasters Classic qualification, now enjoys fishing with his son as they have teamed up to fish the 1999 Bass n' Bucks Southeast Texas Team circuit. Which is the main reason why we were now drifting the grassflats of Lake Sam Rayburn. As John & Hunter cast its waters, searchin' for a set pattern for catching enough bass weight to "hopefully" win the upcoming Bass n' Bucks season opener, scheduled for Sunday, December 6th, at Twin Dikes Marina, I am privileged to witness a father who is enjoying a quality day with his son.

John Hale, and his son Hunter, have become a major part of what is now happening within the tournament circuits, as more and more family oriented tournament formats are opening up to the interests of family oriented enjoyments.

"I've always enjoyed fishing for bass, explained John Hale, as he told of fishing with his brothers in North Louisiana, "we had only one fishing rod between us, sooo, being the youngest I was given the pleasure of sculling our one boat with our one oar, as my brothers traded our one rod back and forth as they fished for bass. "But, John informed, "after about four years I grew big enough to wrestle for the right to use the rod and immediatley started fishing my way into what has now become my profession.

And a profession it is as John Hale now employs his expertise as a lure designer and promoter for Stanley Jigs Inc; a Huntington TX based lure manufacturer with national and worldwide distributed fishing tackle product lines which envelopes every realm of the sportfishing industry.

"We always strive to win, stressed John, but "the win" isn't the whole thing for the attractions of fishing these tournaments, "as we thoroughly enjoy fishing together as a team. "Right Hunter, John asks his son as the 9 year old grins back with a big "Right Dad".

More and more tournament entry forms are starting to see the scribbled signatures of more and more family oriented fishing teams as men "and women" are discovering the positive enjoyments of spending some quality time with their families. On Sunday, December 6th, at Twin Dikes Marina, one of those family teams will step up to the 3:00 pm weigh-in line of the Bass n' Bucks tournament, stay tuned to The World of Fishing pages to find out how they finish.

For information on the Bass N' Bucks tournament tour contact Dave Concienne at (409)-727-6608.