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Circle Hook Advocate Capt. Ron Hamlin of "Capt. Hook" Endorses MateSaver™ & AnglrSavr™ Safety Fishing Harness

(02/14/2001 - ) Circle Hook advocate Capt. Ron Hamlin is no stranger to the dangerous sport of big game fishing. He knows firsthand the danger of entanglement and the possibility of going overboard while wiring or angling big fish.

Capt. Ron is known worldwide for his innovative implementation of dead bait circle hook rigs as well as other trend setting techniques for blue water fishing. Because he loves and respects the sport, Capt. Ron gave his word at the 1999 IGFA Auction and Banquet that he will only use circle hooks during catch and release. He is not only concerned with our natural resources, but also with safety in the cockpit. This veteran of hard core fishing is saddened by the tragic deaths of Tito Santana (1998) and Chris Bowie (1994). Hamlin says, "Accidents happen in the blink of an eye in high seas or low freeboard or with big or small fish. If only [those] mates had a little more time - just a second or two. MateSaver™ wasn't available then. Now that [this] product is available, there is no reason not to wear it. Crews have safety lines on everything else in the cockpit, why not on an angler or a mate? "

It is the love and respect for the sport as well as his concern for fellow captains and mates in dangerous situations that has led Capt. Hamlin to proudly endorse the MateSaver™ & AnglrSavr™ Safety Fishing Harness. Not only does the crew of "Capt. Hook" wear the harness, but the harnesses also allow Capt. Ron to address safety in the cockpit and bring awareness to the entire fishing industry through national seminars and teaching clinics throughout the year.

Capt. Ron Hamlin on safety: "Safety is a choice, MateSaver™ is available. Get it. Wear it. Keep your mind on what you're doing. You'll still catch fish. Do you want to be there at the dock to talk about the fight? Some things change for the better. The MateSaver™ is one of those changes that benefits those who wear it."

For more information about MateSaver™ & AnglrSavr™ Safety Fishing Harness or for a retailer near you, call A1A BSI toll free in the USA & Canada at 1-877-600-3837.