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New Underwater Action Camera Goes Modular

Best-Selling Aqua-Vu 715c receives XD Camera upgrade, retains low price

by: Jason Halfen, Traditions Media

“The XD Camera by Aqua-Vu adds enormous functionality and new perspectives to underwater viewing.
Photo by courtesy Aqua-Vu
Photo by courtesy Aqua-Vu
(Jun 27, 2017 - Crosslake, MN)

Video tech today has opened the pursuit of capturing cool stuff on camera to a whole new generation of would-be Woody Allens. Point, shoot, edit, upload. Blink . . . you’re an overnight internet sensation.

For aquatic explorers, modern-day Jacques Cousteau might be a better aspiration, given new advancements in multipurpose underwater cameras. Unleashed earlier this spring, the modular Aqua-Vu XD® Camera Housing is now standard equipment on the company’s AV 715C Underwater Viewing System, a surprisingly affordable, top-selling device within the exploding fish-tech category. 

The enterprising optics company, which invented the first underwater viewing system in 1997, continues to engineer compelling, user-friendly angling technology. Aqua-Vu has offered firsts in high-definition and handheld viewing systems, motorized camera panning, on-screen aquatic data, underwater lighting and digital video recording—patenting many of its exclusive technologies.

Twenty years after its original underwater viewing systems, Aqua-Vu has released the radical XD Camera, the only fishing-centric, modular viewing system designed for maximum versatility, via compatibility with an innovative new assortment of mountable XD Camera accessories. 

“Underwater, there’s so much amazing life, scenery and other fascinating things many anglers haven’t seen with their own eyes, beyond computer generated sonar readings,” notes Dr. Jason Halfen, University of Wisconsin chemistry professor and proprietor of “The XD Camera by Aqua-Vu adds enormous functionality and new perspectives to underwater viewing. You can now view the aquatic terrain from any angle—bird’s eye, from below or sideways, first person point of view.

“And with the new Live Strike™ accessory, it’s possible to watch fish strike lures in real time, right on the Aqua-Vu screen.”

Providing anglers with tremendous versatility and value-added functionality, Aqua-Vu’s XD Camera mounts to an expanding line of new viewing accessories, via the Quick Attachment™ System. The XD Trolling Fin and Dorsal Fin, Live Strike™, XD Flood Light and Pole Cam adaptor expand the underwater viewing experience with thrilling new perspectives.

“If I want to look beneath a boat dock, for example, I simply slide the XD Pole Cam adaptor onto the camera housing and immediately get to see what’s living way up under there, says Halfen. “Connect the cam to any telescoping painter’s pole and immediately sniff out the dock’s sweet spot. It’s such a blast—and a huge fish-finding edge.”

Halfen notes that unlike conventional action cameras, Aqua-Vu’s XD system allows the user to experience the underwater action as it happens live, directly on an Aqua-Vu LCD screen. “It’s fun to record underwater action and watch it later. But as an angler, I want to see what’s happening right now—whether there are bass or other desirable species living on the brush pile or buried in vegetation, while I’m in still the boat, fishing.

“And if I want to record and share my Aqua-Vu footage, it’s as easy as activating the AV Connect app on my smartphone.”

Available now at, the enhanced Aqua-Vu 715C Underwater Viewing System features new XD Camera and accessory compatibility, retaining its original, low retail price of $299.99. The complete, ready-to-explore system includes 7-inch LCD display, XD Camera with 50-feet of cable and adjustable IR Lighting, 12-volt battery and charger and Custom Storage Bag.

“Never before has underwater viewing with an Aqua-Vu given anglers so many fun and effective options for finding fish or just discovering cool stuff happening below the surface.”

About Aqua-Vu
The Original Underwater Viewing System, Aqua-Vu is manufactured by Outdoors Insight, Inc., and has led the underwater camera category in design, innovation and quality since 1997. The Central Minnesota based company builds many popular outdoors products, such as the iBall Trailer Hitch Camera  and Odor Check Moisture and Odor Control System  featuring Scent-Lok Technology. For more information on Aqua-Vu, visit

“The XD Live Strike system lets anglers sight fish in real time, right on the Aqua-Vu screen.”
Photo by courtesy Aqua-Vu
“For probing under docks, standing timber and other sweet spots, the Aqua-Vu XD Pole Cam adaptor is an priceless fish-finding tool".
Photo by courtesy Aqua-Vu