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Sleeper's Dream....A Reality!

by: Fishingworld staff,

(Friday, December 18,1998 - Lake Fork, TX) If you happen to ask Rick Sleeper what he was doing last week, he will tell you a tale that might just sound more like a dream than a "fish" story.

A week or so ago, Rick's fishing landed him right in the middle of a tv commercial. Hanging around the Rainswood Marina when he's not out on Lake Fork, Rick made acquaintance with some fellows who said they were making a commerical for Plano Tackle. And sure enough, Hank Parker and Kevin VanDam showed up along with the video crew and Plano Tackle marketing personnel all set to shoot a commerical for a new Plano Tackle box.

When asked how he became involved in being in the commerical and working with Parker and VanDam, Rick answered, "Guess it was my 'largemouth'", not a fish mind you, but his "largemouth".

Well one thing lead to another, and sure enough, there's old Rick, right in the middle of the commerical. Hey hanging out with Kevin VanDam and Hank Parker would be the dream of many avid fishermen, and here was Rick, taking part in a TV commerical with two fishing legends. Like Rick said, one thing Rick isn't is shy, and maybe it was his "largemouth" that got him involved, but who cares, he now can add TV commericals to his list of accomplishments.

What was to be a one day shoot turned into a 3 day project, and Rick loved every minute of it. Oh, sure it was hard work, and not really fun every minute, and Rick had to take a few days off from his real job, but what "red blooded" fisherman wouldn't have jumped at such a chance.

The following group of local fishing guides had acting parts in this commercial, Rick Sleeper, Bill Kells (owner of Rainswood Marina), Charlie Hodgson, Dennis States, Kent Clifton, Gene Snider, Jimmy Jobe, Mac McGhee, Luther Hurst and Mark Stevenson along with Hank Parker and Kevin VanDam. The commerical which is schedule for airing in January of 1999 on Hank Parker Outdoors, Bassmasters, Bill Dance, The In-Fisherman and assorted sports channels will feature a new Plano Tackle Box.

No, Rick didn't get to show off by landing a big bass, or kissing the pretty girl...look for the hillbilly sitting on the dock, yelp, that's Rick.

Of course, Rick doesn't know what the finished commerical will look like, but he's hoping that the hillbilly doesn't end up on the cutting room floor.

Rick is not a newcomer to having his picture spread across the fishing scene, as for several years he has been in the print ads for Tournament Angler News' for their "Ultimate Catch" audio tape on sponsorship. Rick bought the tape and landed a few sponsors,and when he took the initiative to tell us at the NEWS about his success we decided to feature him in our ads and he is still following the advice today, working hard to promote his sponsors. His Skeeter/Yamaha rig should show up during the commerical, as he tried hard to use it whenever possible. Monthly he devotes many hours promoting Plano Marine, Skeeter and Yamaha to fishermen in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex, working with bass clubs and promoting several charity tournaments.

Rick's "largemouth" may be his "secret" to success, creating his own opportunities by initiating good contacts and developing the relationships that will prove beneficial to him.