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Ultimate Gifts for the Ice Angler

by: On Ice Tour Staff,

(11/22/2000 - Walker, MN) We've all received "unseasonable" presents during the Holidays. Much needed or wanted, these items go unused and often misplaced during the winter months. There's the out-of-season weed-whip, bug-zapper, electric trolling motor, canoe paddles, running shorts, etc. As a winter sports enthusiast, I prefer giving as well as receiving "seasonable" gifts – those, which can be used within minutes of unwrapping. And ice-fishing trinkets are the niftiest of all...

Stocking Stuffers under $20
Newfangled lures with flashy paint-jobs and eye-catching packaging look sharp sticking out of stocking. Offer your favorite angler a batch of the hottest new lures to hit the ice. A quadrant of Northland Buck-Shot Rattle Spoons and Lindy Rattl'r Spoons will cost you less than $20. <> This year, don't leave the shopping mall reeking of cheesy fragrances. Instead, head for the bait shop and browse their fish catching colognes, or more technically, scents. Berkley's Power Attractants are affordable and aromatic to fish.

Throw together a sampler pack of ice fishing lines. A spool-trio of Berkley Vanish, Trilene Micro Ice, and Fireline Ice will put a smile on someone's face while keeping you under the $20 mark.

Who doesn't like flashlights, especially really cool ones? Coleman's 2 AA Floating Head Lamp aims a bright beam of light while freeing your hands free to tie lures and unhook fish. The company that invented lanterns offers floating hand flashlights too.

Coleman's Reusable Handwarmers are greeted warmly by anglers with cold hands. These puppies heat up to 130 degrees in five seconds! And they won't burn a hole in your pocket, if you know what I mean.

Not another tackle box! Not…even…close… Northland's revolutionary new Tube-It Tackle Tote is a tackle system that you wear around your neck. It holds lures, as well as clippers, a slip-bobber and depth finder – the clippers, bobber, and depth finder are included.

Float (bobber) fishing is making a comeback. And no float is as versatile as Thill's Ice 'n Fly Special, which can be used as both a slip and fixed-float. Toss in a package of Thill Double Cut Soft Shot and a Night Light Kit and your recipient is outfitted, and you're still under budget.

An old high school coach once said, "The more you know, the better you play." "Fishing On Ice", a newly released book by Noel Vick, is a comprehensive guide to ice fishing in the modern era.

Awesome Gifts under $50
For the first time ice anglers have a topnotch ultra light reel at a very reasonable price. The petite Abu Garcia Agenda even offers Instant Anti Reverse. You can almost buy a pair for fewer than 50 bucks.

The pre-eminent reel gets lonely without an equally as impressive rod. Dave Genz Signature Series Lightning Rods are well balanced; lightweight, sensitive, and they come in six species-specific models.

Northland's Tube-It is also sold as a Lure Kit. Available in three sizes, the mobile tackle organizer is packaged with ice jigs, spoons, shot, hooks, slipknots, and a bobber. They retail for under $25.

Coleman's 4 D Pack-Away and 4 AA Mini Pack-Away Lanterns provide ample lighting for most ice fishing situations. The battery-operated lanterns also collapse to half their full size, making them easy to stow in a portable fish house.

Serious Gifts under $100
Tip-up fishing will never be the same since Finicky's Fish Factory entered the scene. The signature black box is the complete strike alert system and remote setline. It jigs, doesn't freeze in the ice, and both a flag and bright light activate when a fish strikes.

Coleman's extraordinary NorthStar Electronic Ignition Propane Lantern is to ice fishing what the sun is to the earth. Brighter and mightier than its competition, NorthStar Lanterns also generate appreciable heat.

PowerCat, Coleman's hot new heater, uses catalytic technology to heat your immediate environment without an exposed flame. Safer and less likely to singe fishing line, the propane cylinder fueled PowerCat is built to travel. Strikemaster's Lazer hand-augers cut like a sharp knife through a crappie fillet. All of their two-piece adjustable models sell for well under $100.

Gifts over $100 ... A Sign of Commitment
You are truly loved if any of the following show up beneath the tree.

The natural progression from Strikemaster's Lazer hand auger is to the gas powered, 2-HP Lazer Mag Xpress. Its new Lazer Power Point Blade shaves ice faster than Governor Ventura shaves his head.

Ripping away wrapping paper and seeing the word "Zercom" is a real Holiday treat. The LCF-40 portable flasher shows you depth, fish, bottom content, weeds, and even your lure. A battery, charger, and carrying case are included.

For a taste over $100, Polar Vision is a flashlight sized, battery operated depth finder. With it, ice anglers can take instantaneous depth readings before drilling a single hole.

If your favorite ice angler owns all the right gear, it's time to put he or she in the Cadillac, or should I say Porsche of mobile ice fishing shelters. Dave Genz's blue canvassed Fish Traps were the first and continue to be the best on the ice. Fish Traps are now available in one, two, and three person models.

You see, finding the perfect gift isn't so hard. That is if your special someone enjoys the hardwater as much as On Ice Tour.

On Ice Tour is an intensive effort directed at expanding the sport of ice fishing. Cofounders Chip Leer and Tommy Skarlis offer public seminars and kid's clinics; appear at in-store events; exhibit at sport shows and ice fishing competitions; broadcast a weekly radio show and conduct hands-on product demonstrations. On Ice Tour produces an annual ice fishing publication On Ice for information contact them at P.O Box 517, Walker, MN 56484 or call (218) 547-4714.