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Twitch Bait Perfection

by: Blue Heron Communications,

Berkley HAVOC The Jerk
Photo by courtesy Berkley/Skeeter Boats
(Nov. 11, 2013 - Columbia, SC)

Berkley HAVOC set out to introduce a new twist on staple baits that are pro designed and push the limits of some classic shapes. Berkley pro angler Michael Iaconelli's newest creation, The Jerk, exceeds what most anglers once thought about the ever-reliable twitch baits.

The Jerk can be fished just like any other jerk style bait, but this isn't just another traditional split-tail version. Anglers can twitch the bait once and immediately notice the difference in the bait. Twitch the bait fast and The Jerk's tail moves left to right and if retrieved slow the scooped tail allows the bait's tail to move up and down. The shape of the tail also allows for maximum movement even when the bait isn't in motion.

The overall shape is designed so the bait doesn't roll over on itself, and it also has a shimmy when the angler kills it.

The belly of The Jerk is split down the center, giving anglers an easy way to run the hook perfectly straight every time during rigging.

"The Jerk is one of the best ways to catch a fish," said Iaconelli, Bassmaster Classic Champion and B.A.S.S. Angler of the Year. "When I first sketched this bait on paper I couldn't wait to try it out. The Jerk has a unique design from head to tail. I can put a 5/0 wide gap hook and fish it weightless high in the water column or put it on a light swimbait jig head to fish a bit deeper."

The Berkley HAVOC The Jerk is offered in the following colors: Avocado Orange, Black, Disco Shad, Green Pumpkin Blue, Green Pumpkin Small Red, Pearl White, Pinky, Purple Haze, Watermelon Black Silver and Watermelon Large.

MSRP for a 10-count package of the HAVOC The Jerk is $3.49.

PRO DESIGNED by Michael Iaconelli

Avocado Orange
Disco Shad
Green Pumpkin Blue
Green Pumpkin Small Red
Pearl White
Purple Haze
Watermelon Black Silver
Watermelon Large

5 inches

MSRP $3.49 per 10-count package

Designed by Mike Iaconelli:
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