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If Lewis & Clark Had Four Stroke Power

by: Mercury Marine News Release,

(Tuesday, August 25,1998 - ) Bob Torgerson of Aberdeen, WA and his life-long friend John Person of New York City wanted to do something special for their 74th birthday, so they decided to retrace the Lewis & Clark expedition in reverse. The pair put into the Missouri River at Great Falls, MT on June 23rd using a 16' drift boat powered by a Mercury 15 hp four-stroke Bigfoot.

Thirty-three days, 2,200 miles, and 275 gallons of gas later, the septuagenarians arrived at St. Louis, MO. Both men were impressed with the engine, saying, "It never took more than two pulls to start it, no matter how hot or cold the weather. It went through silt beds, sandbars, logs, underwater stumps and rock bars and never missed a hitch. It's amazingly quiet, you can hardly hear it running. It purrs like a kitten.

In addition to fighting the elements, the pair had some interesting adventures trying to secure supplies along the way, and were amazed to discover that from Omaha, NE to St. Louis there were no public docks, ramps or marinas on the Missouri or Mississippi rivers, including major urban areas like Kansas City.