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Outdoors personality Wade Middleton takes stake in HydroWave

Photo by courtesy Hydrowave
(Feb. 14, 2012 - Dallas, TX)

HydroWave, a manufacturer of electronic fishing equipment that emits fish-feeding sounds underwater, has made a lot of noise since entering the sport fishing market just a year ago. Today the company announced that outdoor industry veteran Wade Middleton has become a partner in the business.

Middleton is president of Careco TV, and he produces and hosts many of the country's top-rated outdoor television shows, including Cabela's Fisherman's Handbook, BoatU.S. Collegiate Bass Fishing Championship Series, Fishing Texas and more.

"Wade is well-known and respected in all outdoor circles, and he's certainly been influential to our product launch since day one," said HydroWave founder Gene Eisenmann. "It's an honor to have him join our ownership team."

Middleton, who has had personal experience with the product on his boat since early 2011, says he knows the science and people behind the technology well. He has firsthand experience in witnessing how HydroWave activates fresh and saltwater game fish of all kinds to feed more aggressively in a variety of situations.

"With guys like Kevin Van Dam, Jeff Kriet and Gene (Eisenmann) driving product development and putting the electronics to use day in and out, it's been fun for me to watch these units work under real fishing conditions and skyrocket in popularity," Middleton said. "I've enjoyed my promotional involvement with the company up to this point - now it's time for me to really step it up. I see HydroWave's promising future to be a great opportunity for me personally."

HydroWave technology uses tactile sound transmissions imitating real baitfish noises and fish-feeding activities to stimulate a feeding response in predatory fish species.

Available in fresh and inshore versions and sounds, HydroWave units feature durable injection-molded housing that is 100-percent waterproof. The speaker is equally durable and mounts to the underside of a trolling motor's lower unit or it can simply be suspended. The units run from a normal 12-volt source, such as a boat battery.

For more information on HydroWave, visit the HydroWave webswite. For more information about Wade Middleton, visit the CarecoTV website.