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Game and Fish Books, Videos, and Magazine Make Great Christmas Gifts

by: North Dakota Game and Fish Dep,

(Wednesday, December 08,1999 - ) The North Dakota Game and Fish Department's wildlife books, videos, and magazine make great Christmas gifts for friends and relatives who enjoy the outdoors. The various books provide nontechnical life histories, population-trend information, and historical and modern photographs and narratives. Videotapes cover a multitude of wildlife-related topics. North Dakota Outdoors magazine, the department's official journal, covers all wildlife related topics in a timely manner. The department has the following items available:

North Dakota Outdoors, the department's official journal, is published 10 times a year. The December issue is the coming year's calendar. Two issues are combined: April-May (fishing issue) and the September-October (hunting issue). Subscriptions are $10 per year and $20 for 3-years.

North Dakota Outdoors magazine CD-ROM contains all articles from the 1930's through June 1996. A very useful database for wildlife enthusiasts. Minimum requirements are IBM-PC or compatible, Windows 3.1 or higher, 486 50-MHZ operating speed or higher, and eight megabytes of RAM. Price is $29. Feathers from the Prairie, a Short History of Upland Game Birds, by Morris D. Johnson and Joseph Knue, chronicles the history of our game birds from settlement to recent times. Prices are $3 for soft cover and $10 for hard cover.

Big Game of North Dakota, contains life history information on the state's big game species. Historical references from the journals of Lewis and Clark and Alexander Henry tell of bighorn sheep, moose, elk, and grizzly and black bears in the state. Written by Joseph Knue. Prices are $3 for soft cover and $10 for hard cover.

Of Time and the Prairie, published as the department's centennial book, is an informative general reader about North Dakota history, geography, geology, and the importance of wildlife to the state's history. Written by Joseph Knue. Prices are $3 for soft cover and $10 for hard cover. North Dakota Wildlife Viewing Guide is your personal adviser to the various habitats and critters that live in them. The book also tells you exactly how to get there and will help you to explore wildlife's favorite places. Price is $3 (soft cover only).

Rearing and Restoring Giant Canada Geese, by various contributors, documents this magnificent bird's return to the prairies. Price is $3 (soft cover only). " Celebration 100 " video was produced by the department to observe the 1889-1989 state centennial. The video includes many pictures from the time of settlement to the present time and discusses the role wildlife and hunting and fishing have played in our state's history. Price is $10.

"North Dakota Outdoors" TV news show is available on video cassettes. There are four sets available, one for each year 1995, 1996, 1997, and 1998. Each set contains 50 two-minute programs. Price is $25 per set.

To order send a check or money order to: Book Sales, North Dakota Game and Fish Department, 100 N. Bismarck Expressway, Bismarck, ND 58501-5095. Shipping and handling are included in the price of each book or videotape.