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1999 May Just Be The Year!

Mexico Update -- Fishing is Heating Up

by: Ron Speed,

(Wednesday, January 06,1999 - ) Five years ago, Ron Speed Adventures closed their fishing on Lake Comedero and left ii closed for 3 years due to small bass. For the past two years from January until April we have taken several groups and the results have been absolutely fantastic on big bass. Our numbers were about 30 to 40 bass a day, but almost everyone who fished the lake the past two years caught a lot of quality bass with almost 100% catching a 9 lb to 14 lb bass. In fact, last March we had 10 clients in camp over a weekend and every single client caught a 10 lb bass or bigger.

This past summer one of our Comedero guides went to Mazatlan to report to Carlos Lizarraga, the manager, that he had caught a 10 kilo bass on a plastic worm. That fish weighed 22 lbs according to Francisco. About two weeks ago, Harry Pitchford from Lawton, Oklahoma, called us and said he talked to two guys from Arizona that pulled boats to Comedero and caught a lot of 10 lb to 12 lb bass, but saw a 26 lb, 18 lb and two 16 lb bass that were caught by locals at the lake.

Last season we had 3 different clients report hooking and seeing fish in the 20 lb bass. We had over 20 broken lines last season on monster bass. There is absolutely no doubt that we have a lake full of huge fish. Last week I sent Carlos and Jorge up to the lake to check it out before our first clients arrived on January 2nd. They fished about 10 hours and caught 48 bass with most over 3 lbs including one 10 lb 3 oz, 9 lb, 8 lb 5 oz and several over 6 lbs. Most were caught on topwater.

Well, today we got our first report from our first two clients of the season at Comedero. Bill Shelton and his young 15 year old son Billy went to the lake on January 2nd and fished 3 days. They averaged 30 fish a day, but all were quality fish. They caught 7 fish over 8 lbs which included 2 - 8 lbs, 3 - 9's and a 12, 13 and 15 lb bass. Yes, a 15 lb fish. Bill and Billy reported they broke off 3 fish bigger than those they caught. They caught fish mostly on topwaters, crankbaits and worms.

In an effort to let fishing enthusiasts know of the exciting possibilities at Lake Comedero, we felt it would be important to tell everyone about the fishing. I really fear that we have made a big mistake the past two years. Lake Huites was our newest lake and we put almost 95% of our attention on this new lake and really put Comedero on the back shelf! Mistake! If I were you and wanted to catch 40 to 50 bass a day with several wall hangers, I would go to Comedero this season. I would encourage you to call our office (903-489-1656) and get some updated reports on the Comedero trophy fishing. There are daily flights to Mazatlan from San Antonio, Texas and Los Angeles, California. There are also flights to Mazatlan from Mexico City and Phoenix, Arizona. The nice thing about fishing Comedero is that you can spend 1 or 2 nights on the beautiful beach in Mazatlan or do a day or two saltwater fishing in the Sea of Cortez.

Just remember, we are the only outfitters fishing Comedero and there is very little fishing pressure. Our small camp only holds 16 fishermen per week, so it is really an ideal situation. We can't do a lot of advertising for Comedero this season since we will only run the camp 3 more months, but you better believe the whole world will know about the great fishing before next season, as we certainly will let everyone know about it.

We have been expecting these huge bass for the last 2 years, but broken lines have been keeping us from boating these monster fish. We stocked Florida bass in Comedero 12 year ago and it is time we were catching 20 lb bass and possibly a new world record. It might be me or it could be you. You better believe I am catching the first flight available to Comedero and taking Steve Price, a senior writer for BassMaster with me.

For years, I have been hearing rumors of world record bass being caught all over the world by local native fishermen. After hearing these stories and never being able to catch one, I have really discounted those rumors for the past few years. Not this time! The timing and conditions are right so I have contacted Ken Casida in Longview, Texas to fly to Comedero with a plane equipped with a tank and oxygen to bring out a world record if one of our clients catches one. Just in case! In reality, it probably won't happen -- in fact, I still figure the odds to be about like winning the lottery in Texas, but who knows. The George Perry record has stood since 1932, but remember "The Babe's" record stood a long, long time. That record was finally "smashed" this past year by Mark McGuire and Sammy Sosa. The old saying that records are made to be broken still holds true and it could happen at Comedero. In fact, I believe the very best chance at the record now is in Comedero, but we all will have to wait and see what happens.

The camp has some very good American made TideCraft bass boats, Motorguide trolling motors and Mercury outboard motors. Great Equipment Since our capacity is only 16 at Comedero, I would highly recommend that you call us ASAP to book a great trophy bass trip to the best kept secret in Mexico.