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Fishing "Big Sam" and Toledo Bend

by: Duck Wright,

(Monday, May 10,1999 - Zavalla, TX) Well, this month has been one of the months that has really been weird. To start with we have been finally having some Spring weather, after what I call an Indian Summer. This is a phrase that was used when I was a child for a season of weather that was out of place. We have been having Summer temperatures when they should have been Spring temperatures. This of course, as I stated in the last article, warmed the surface temperature of the water up quicker than normal.

The last of April and the beginning of May, has cooled back down in the evening and night hours, which has allowed for the traditional top-water bite to happen on Sam Rayburn and Toledo Bend. The early morning and late evening bite has went back to the buzz bait, pop'r and the spook bite. It has always been fun to watch a client have a big old bass open up a hole in the water under a top water bait. All of you know that the surprise of that bite makes the old ticker go to beating just a little faster. The fishing has picked up a little bit on "Big Sam" also.

As everyone knows that keeps up on this lake, the fish kill we had last summer, did have an effect on the large amount of larger fish being caught. For an example, the McDonald tournament which just had their 15th tournament on Rayburn, generally has an impressive amount of fish from 8 to 12 pounds weighed in, but this year a fish weighing just under 9 pounds won the whole thing.

I feel as though this will change in a couple of years. The amount of fish weighed between 3 and 7 pounds was as usual, plenty of them. The hydrilla is looking good on both lakes, and the summer bite should be great for the up coming months. This excites me, because one of my favorite ways of fishing these two lakes is punching the grass with a one ounce jig or a one ounce pegged weigh with a large worm or hog crawl on it. This type of fishing usually does not give you the amount of bites that you get with a Texas rigged worm or a wacky worm, but it does usually give you a better quality of fish, when you locate the fish.

Well enough of this for now,