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Livingston Angler Re-sets Lake Record With A 3.52 lb Crappie

It's time to grab the poles, get some minnows, and head to your favorite Crappie lake folks

by: Ed Snyder, Ed Snyder Outdoors

(Saturday, April 03,1999 - Penwaugh Marina, Lake Livingston, TX.) "Its probably one of the top 3 White Crappie that has "ever" been caught within the state of Texas, stated Harry Dehtan, owner/proprietor of Penwaugh Marina & Campground on Lake Livingston, TX. Harry had just weighed-in a 17" long by 15 -1/2" wide "SLAB" of a white crappie that was brought into his marina by retired Milkman, Robert Kemp of Livingston, TX. "It looked like a "bull" just laying there, Harry tried to envision for my notes, "and when another angler walked in with a legal 10" crappie, we placed it next to the 3.52 lb "hawg" which made it look like an "ill-legal" minnow, Harry chuckled, as he further informed that this was the 2nd time that the Lake Livingston record was broke within 12 days, when Roger Statucki of Onalaska, TX, caught a 3.01 white crappie on March 19th. "And, Harry excitedly pointed out, "Our Crappie season has "just"begun.

"I was fishing with my son-in-law, "Junior" Westerman, informed Robert Kemp, as he told of dunkin' some live minnows in 10' of water around an old tree fall within the Jennings Slough area, "I had just missed a bite, Robert explained, "when I rebaited with a larger shiner minnow and dropped it back down to within 4' of the bottom when it re-took my minnow. "As it pulled my cork down to about 6", Kemp advised, "I pulled up on my B & M Caddilac Crappie combo rod and immediately thought that I was hooked up with a large Blue catfish. "But, Robert continued, "as I worked it in with my Berkely Trilene 10# mono line, my son suddenly yelled that it was a crappie, "a very big crappie", he stressed, "and as it hung up on a brushsnag, my heart kinda' pitter-patted a little til I was able to lip it from the snag and bring it into the boat. "Whew", what a fish, Robert Kemp praised. "We kinda' just kept right on fishing for another 30 or 40 minutes, Robert further informed, before they then decided to head in for Penwaugh Marina to see if they could find out just how big it really was.

"I immediately sent them to Bowles Grocery Market in Onalaska, stated Harry Dehtan, "where they managed to get a "certified" weight for official record purposes. "Its just an amazing thing, Harry further informed, "because we've just had our previous lake record of 2.88 lbs bested by a 3.01 lb fish caught on March, 19, and before that fish could even have its paperwork shuttled through the recording process, "it" was bested by this "huge" 3.52 lb crappie. "I give credits to our 10"-25 fish bag limits which have been in effect on our lake system since 1989, Harry advised, adding that those new limits have really "boosted" Livingston's quality of crappie which are now being caught on a regular basis. "Lake Livningston has enjoyed a family oriented Crappie tournament now for many years now, Harry interviewd, "and it seems to be getting better each year as our '99 event started on February 27, and will run through April 27, which offers over $77,000 in cash & prizes for catching tagged crappie.

Mr. Robert Kemp's "fish of a lfetime" catch of a 3.52 lb White Crappie was caught at 5:30 p:m: on March 30, and will be remembered by him for many years to come, as will those hundereds of curious visitors who've been driving more than 100 miles to view the Robert's fine lake record catch at Penwaugh Marina.

For more information on this, and other fishing stories, contact Harry Dehtan, Penwaugh Marina & Campground at (409)-967-4752 or (409)-566-4752.