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ShoreLand'r-ShoreStation Manufacturer Celebrates 50 Years

by: Walker Agency,

(Aug. 16, 2004 - IDA GROVE, Iowa,) Midwest Industries, maker of ShoreLand'r trailers and ShoreStation lakefront systems, is celebrating 50 years of innovation this year. Midwest plans to commemorate the occasion with a banquet and open house celebrating the accomplishments of founder Byron Godbersen. It was Godbersen's passion for invention that fueled the company's growth from a small maker of farm equipment to an international manufacturer of marine products. In 1954, Godbersen received his first patent for the Bolster Hoist, a hydraulic wagon hoist used to empty the contents of a grain box. The Bolster Hoist was a hit with farmers across America and its success launched Midwest Industries. Today, Midwest is best known for its line of ShoreLand'r trailers and ShoreStation lakefront systems. Godbersen developed a passion for boating in the late 1950s and quickly recognized the need for better boat hoists. His ShoreStation hoist was an immediate success and the company began its transformation from agricultural products to the marine industry. ShoreLand'r boat trailers hit the market in the early 1970s and quickly garnered praise for a long list of patented innovations to improve support, handling and durability. Boat trailers continue to be the dominant portion of Midwest's business and they celebrated production of the one-millionth ShoreLand'r in 1998. In 1976, Godbersen developed an interest in remote-controlled airplanes. He designed and began manufacturing his own line of remote control planes appropriately named "Byron Originals." Today, Bryon Originals continues to offer a popular line of model airplane fuels. They also produce molded patio furniture and ShoreLand'r-ShoreStation component parts such as fenders, rollers and pulleys. The concept of building a better mousetrap is still strong at Midwest Industries. Recent product innovations have positioned the company for future growth. They have enjoyed considerable success with last year's introduction of the ShoreLand'r V-Twin motorcycle trailer. This year they are hoping to continue the upward trend with two more new products – the ShoreLand'r LE trailer and ShoreStation Rolling Dock. Midwest employees, past and present will gather for a banquet to celebrate the company and its many accomplishments on August 28. The evening with include a special tribute to Godbersen, who passed away in May 2003. On August 29, the company will express its gratitude to the Ida Grove community with an open house including displays, memorabilia, demonstrations, and free food. For more information, contact Midwest Industries, P.O. Box 235, Ida Grove, IA 51445, 800-859-3028