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National Boat Mart -TVA Bass Series 2004 Season Preview

by: TVA Staff,

(Mar. 11, 2004 - Indiana) The 2004 National Boat Mart - TVA Bass Series has an interesting schedule in place for this upcoming season as well as some new things going on at each event.

"Co-Angler Bonus"
Starting in 2004 all non-boaters will now be referred to as "Co-Anglers". At each event in 2004 as was started in the Fall Opens. The series will award the Co-Angler Bonus to the highest finishing Co-Angler at each event.

Another new item this year is the TVA Tournament Series patch to display on your tournament shirts and jackets.. Full color TVA logo in red, white, and blue (Series Colors). You can order them through our email or at tournaments. The cost of each patch is $9.00, and that is the actual cost. Order through email and we'll have it for you at the next event. You can also get hats with the TVA logo on them too if you desire. This is available at Yoders Stitching Line 1-888-967-9667. You can see the new patch in the collage on the Home Page of our website. Show off the series that you fish!

T-N-T Jackpot Tournament
In 2004 when the series starts up the series will feature a new T-N-T Jackpot Tournament. (Tournament withiN a Tournament) Which will involve a side pot Team Tournament in which all Boaters and Co-Anglers that are paired for the day will have the "option" of fishing.

The randomly drawn partners will form a team for that day. Pay the team entry fee of $10 per boat together, and their combined total weight at the end of the tournament day will be their score. All partners are to split their winnings 50/50 regardless whether one caught fish and the other one didn't etc... The T-N-T Jackpot Tournament will not pay a big bass pot, or have any points system attached. The payback is 100% that day, one place for every 5 teams.

New Sponsors!! Support them all!!
Another new thing in 2004 is the sponsors, in addition to:
National Boat Mart,, Bass Maxx Charging Systems, Hendrickson Chrysler-Dodge-Jeep, Wrede & Son's Excavating, Best Western Brandywine Inn & Suites, Land-O-Champs Trophy, and Metal Art Studios.

The NBM-TVA Series has added some new sponsors for 2004. Lafayette Glass Company Lafayette, Indiana. Yoders Sewing Shop Flora, Indiana. Wild Bills Outpost Flora, Indiana, Stephans IGA Food Store, Flora, Indiana. Five Orr's Sport Fishing Charters East Chicago, Indiana. And Twin Lakes Fish & Game Monticello, Indiana.

If what has been previously mentioned is not enough. There's another thing to add, the details haven't been fully worked out yet, but everyone will like this... Whenever you enter a NBM-TVA Series event as a Boater or Co-Angler, your name will be put into the SUPER DRAWING in the form of one entry. Then, at BOTH the July 10th and August 7th Shafer events two names will be drawn, and they will win a very nice gift certificate at Twin Lakes Fish and Game to be used on "Anything in the Store".

Anglers in the series may also purchase additional entries into the SUPER DRAWING on site if they wish as an added option.

The Z.I.P. Inspections are here to stay.
Inspections and screenings are not uncommon to professional sports. For example, NASCAR has the "Room of Doom" where they perform all their pre and post race inspections on cars and equipment and the list goes on.

TVA implemented the tough, "Zero Infraction Procedure" (now known as the ZIP Inspection) implemented for boat inspections concerning everything from outboard horsepower, boat horsepower ratings, livewells, alcohol, drugs, live bait, kill switch verification, and life preserver adherence.

The ZIP Inspection is conducted by a 2-3-person inspection team that actually climbs into the boat and checks all the previously mentioned points as well as compartments prior to take-off. This team also randomly conducts ZIP Inspections after the tournament to confirm or deny any and all protests to assure rule compliance. The ZIP Inspection Team and TVA Directors will then determine the sanctioning penalties for each violation of a rule up to and including disqualification, which would also include the loss of entry fee and Angler-of-the-Year points for the first offense. The second offense involves loss of eligibility to fish in two consecutive events, including the championship. The third offense will be loss of eligibility to fish for one full year or more.

Below is a preview of the 2004 schedule as well as weight predictions for each event. Weight predictions are just that a "prediction". Anyone who fishes the series knows that with such an abundance and cross-section of fishing talents, anything can and will happen!

Have a question, we'll only take calls from 9:00am to 1:00pm Mon-Fri. DO NOT call after these times. Actually it's best to email us at:

April 17, 2003 - LAKE SHAFER

The Series starts back up in April 2004 on Lake Shafer out of the Indiana Beach Campground Ramp. This event will be one to watch as the water is still cool from winter and the female bass are starting to move up into their pre-spawn patterns. Crown Point, Indiana's Fuzzy Dunn will start this event on top of the standings leading the points. he'll be one to watch in this and every other Shafer event this season. A significant warming trend prior to this event, could change the outcome drastically. Predicted Winning Weight 11.00 lbs.

May 15, 2003 - MORSE RESERVOIR

Morse Reservoir will be the site for the next qualifier. Morse is a popular stop for all the anglers, and will likely provide a five fish limit and a respectively hefty weigh-in for the winner and many anglers in the field. If somebody gets a "big kicker" fish with a limit it could push the scales over the fifteen pound mark. Predicted Winning Weight 12.50 lbs.

June 5, 2003 - LAKE FREEMAN

Lake Freeman will provide an interesting twist to the standings when the anglers launch and weigh-in at Dodge Camp. Freeman has been a very tough body of water in the past couple years, perhaps 2004 will be different, one never knows. Last year Marty Yoder won this event with a spectacular catch of smallmouth bass. The fish will likely be in all stages of the spawn. Predicted Winning Weight 10.25 lbs.

June 26, 2003 - MORSE RESERVOIR

Just prior to the fourth of July weekend the series will once again visit Morse Reservoir. This event will find the fish in their Summer patterns and the fish may be scattered about the lake. Morse will likely provide five fish and another hefty weigh-in for the winner. Look for a lot of limits to be weighed in this one. Marty Yoder won last years event by fishing deepwater and weighed a limit in excess of 16 pounds. Predicted Winning Weight a conservative 13.50 lbs.

July 10, 2003 - LAKE SHAFER

Summer will be in full swing when the series stop at Lake Shafer this time. Last year a flood made things very difficult. Hopefully the bass should be biting and the water will be predictably churned and rough with pleasure boaters, water skiers, and jet skis. Predicted Winning Weight 10.20 lbs.

July 24, 2003 - LAKE MANITOU

This event should mix things up a little. Anglers have been fishing river run lakes and reservoirs, now throw in a natural lake. Many anglers find this body of water tough. Many will be trying to "escape" Manitou with high finishes earlier in the season and not go to this event. Whatever the case may be the standings will "shuffle" undoubtedly. There will be many anglers to watch here. This is truly a unique lake and the weigh-in will be totally unpredictable, pending a big bite. Predicted Winning Weight from 4.00 to 17.00 pounds depending on Ms. Manitou's mood.

August 7, 2003 - LAKE SHAFER

This event is the big one. The 2004 Angler-of-theYear Points Championship will be on the line, as well as the poll positions within the standings for the take-off in 2004 National Boat Mart / TVA Bass Championship. This weigh-in could be a big one in both terms of weight and number of fish caught. Predicted Winning Weight 10.75 lbs.

September 11-12, 2003

This is the event, the Cadillac of the NBM-TVA Series. No entry fee, and ten places paid out, GUARANTEED. Will John Cullum defend his title and win it again? Or will someone new take the "big win"?

The championship will flip flop this year as the first day of competition will be on Freeman (Saturday), and the final round will be on Shafer (Sunday). It's predicted that this year's trailered weigh-in will be a big one with a huge crowd of spectators with standing room only. BOTH Lakes Shafer and Freeman will be off-limits to competitors for five (5) days prior to the start of the event as of MONDAY.

Good luck to everyone in the 2004 season!!

Saturday APRIL 17 LAKE SHAFER I.B. Campground Meeting-6:30am Start-7:00am
Saturday MAY 15 MORSE LAKE Morse Lake Marina Meeting-5:00 am Start-Safelight
Saturday JUNE 5 LAKE FREEMAN Dodge Camp Meeting-4:45am Start-Safelight
Saturday JUNE 26 MORSE LAKE Morse Lake Marina Meeting-4:30am Start-Safelight
Saturday JULY 10 LAKE SHAFER I.B. Campground Meeting-4:45am Start-Safelight
Saturday JULY 24 LAKE MANITOU DNR-Public Access Meeting-5:00 am Start-Safelight
Saturday AUG 7 LAKE SHAFER I.B. Campground Meeting-5:00am Start-Safelight
September 11-12, 2004
T.B.A. T.B.AMeeting-5:30 am Start-Safelight