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Special Events Editor -- Larry Thompson

FishingWorld.com was launched in early 1995 by the publishers of Tournament Angler News and Tournament Angler Directory. It was one of the very first fishing web sites and at a time when there were less than 25,000 Registered Domain Names for the World Wide Web. It has grown to be one of the most important sources of information for the fishing enthusiasts

The mission for FishingWorld.com is twofold:

    • First, as a content publisher, we provide the consumers the most complete information and are their primary and frequent choice to visit when they are seeking news, event schedules, fellowship with their peers, product and services information, or to purchase products and services.


  • Second, as a web hosting and design service for the commercial businesses, we provide the most productive web solutions at a justifiable cost for all types of businesses, from the smallest entity to the large manufacturers. In addition to providing web tools for marketing, advertising and e-commerce, our systems include tools that increase the ability to perform tasks and jobs in a more efficient manner.

Being the best content provider for consumers and the best web solution for businesses while bringing these mutually beneficial parties together within an integrated web community gives great value to each and assures that FishingWorld.com is the ultimate choice for the Fishing Industry.

We e-Power the Fishing Industry.