Free Program
Tournament Web Sites on
for the 2013 Tournament Season

Our Tournament Web Site Free Program has been updated and now offers two different programs:

(A). will provide an individual web site (see details below) for one year (a tournament season) at no charge.
(B). will provide a link to the tournament organizations existing website provided is recognized as an official sponsor as detailed below under "Tournament Organizations will:"** will provide Tournament Organizations with their individual web sites located within web community, provided the Organization recognize as a sponsor, as detailed below.

Here's the specifics of what will provide and what Organizations need to do.

The Tournament Organization's web site within will include:

  1. Home Page - 1 pg
  2. About Us Page - 1 pg
  3. Schedule Page - 1 pg/several Divisions will be shown on 1 page*
  4. Sample Payback Page - 1 pg/several Divisions will be shown on 1 page*
  5. Entry Form Page - 1 pg/several Divisions will be shown on 1 page
    (Electronic entry form are only available under special conditions)
  6. Membership Form Page - 1 pg
  7. Rules Page (information must be sent to us via e-mail) - 1 pg (if separate Rules are required for each division, - see* below and utilize these pages.
  8. Sponsors Logo Page(Logos to be provided by Tournament Organization) - 1 pg
  9. Contact Us Page - 1 pg
  10. Year-to-date standings - 1 pg for each division(**)
  11. Photo pages - there will be a link to a site for photos, these pages must be maintained by the tournament organization.
  12. NewsRoom - Personalized newsfeed from the main News Room - all articles about your Organization run in News will appear in the Organizations newsroom.
  13. *-50 pages will be available for the organization to use as they need. The staff will not be responsible nor do layout, design or data input of these pages.
  14. ** - the posting of YTD standings will be done by the Organization.

(If any of the above pages are not required by the organization, there will be no substitutions. )

Please Note: All artwork for the design of the main header must be provided in a ready to use layout. If is required to design, create, adjust sizes or develop the artwork for the headers the charge will be $200.00 for the first two hours, with any additional time charged at a rate of $100.00 per hour.

Tournament Organizations will:

1. Recognize as an official sponsor of your Tournament Organization.
a. On all brochures and in all advertisements, the logo must be displayed.
b. In all press releases, will be identified as a sponsors.
2. When banners are supplied by, they will be used """""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""JJat all functions that banners are normally used.
3. Tournament Organization will distribute brochures, flyers and other hand-out materials at meeting and events as provided by
4. Tournament Organization will provide with copies of printed brochures/materials which displays the logo.
5. If a Tournament Organization does not include the logo and/or fails to mention them as an organization sponsor,, Inc. reserves the right to remove the provided website from the program and site.
4. Tournament article, results, photos (max of 4 per article) and standings must be provided to within ONE (1) week from the final day of the event. All articles must be submitted in a text format, (wps files are not acceptable), and standings must be in an excel compatible format, with proper tabs, spacing, etc. Tournament organizations participating in the FREE Website Program MUST submit a tournament result article to the within 1 (ONE) week* from the conclusion of the event. If the tournament organization fails to comply, then reserves the right to remove the website.
*Note: Prior arrangements must be made with Barbara Thompson, editor, for non-compliance with this standard.

If the time frame is greater than One (1) week, then only the Year-To-Date (YTD) Standings (if applicable) will be posted in the organizations website.

Only those divisions listed below will be included in this Agreement.

To submit an application , please fill in the required information and return by mail or fax to:
Barbara Thompson, P.O. Box 1989, Lindale, TX 75771 or FAX (903) 882-3110.

*Applications for this program are subject to acceptance by, inc.
Only those divisions listed below will be included in this Agreement.

Please Print:

Tournament: _______________________________________

(URL-if utilizing Option B)_________________________________

Tournament Year:___________________________________

Number of Divisions:______________________

Name of each Division:_____________________________



Address: ___________________________________________

City, St, Zip ___________________________________

Tel:________________________ FAX: _____________________



Date:_______________________________ -- P.O. Box 1989 -- Lindale, TX 75771 -- (903) 882-8877 -- FAX (903) 882-3110
http:// -- e-mail:

To obtain a logo that can be used on print material click here and download.

If you experience any problems, have any questions or comments,
please send them via email to

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