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Smart Plug Systems, LLC.
Innovative Plug And Inlet Define Future Of Shore Power

by Martin Flory Group
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[Click to enlarge image]
Photo by Smart Plug

[Click to enlarge image]
Photo by Smart Plug
(Dec. 29, 2012 - Seattle, WA)...

Overheating due to poor electrical conductivity is the #1 cause of shore power failure. Older plug designs are notorious for burning out as a result of loose connections and corrosion. SmartPlug’s 30 amp connector and inlet have many features that greatly increase conductivity and reduce the possibility of overheating.

The 30 amp inlet contains a trip thermostat, which cuts power in the unlikely event of overheating. It’s set to trip at 200?F, just before wire insulation begins to soften, and restores the power once it has cooled back down to a safe temperature of around 120?F.

The SmartPlug’s sleeve design means that the body of the connector bears that tension, rather than the electrical pins. This keeps those points of electrical contact secure.

Water intrusion leads to corrosion, and corrosion leads to electrical arcing and overheating. SmartPlug’s three weatherproof seals eliminate any moisture intrusion, ensuring a safe and dry connection.

Two locking side levers on the connector as well as two points of contact on the locking cap ensure a rock solid connection. When not in use, the cap can be closed to form a weatherproof seal on the inlet.

To use, owners simply push the connector straight into the inlet until the side levers click and then snap the locking cap down to finish the job.Due to the unique shape of the connector, it can only be plugged in one way. No struggling to find the correct alignment of pins or twisting required.

SmartPlug’s 30 amp inlet and connector can be installed in minutes using only basic tools. The connector replaces the boatside end of an existing cord and the inlet mounts back into the same four-hole mounting pattern.

SmartPlug’s 30 amp inlet and connector have a retail price of $225. The company also offers a 50 amp inlet and connector. All SmartPlug products are backed by a 7-year warranty.

Contact SmartPlug Systems, 2288 W Commodore Way #300, Seattle, WA 98199. 206-285-2990; Fax: 206-285-2981. Sales@smartplug.com; visit the smartplug website or facebook/SmartPlug; twitter/smartplugs.

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