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Sam Rayburn Bite is ON

     Fishing » Freshwater Fishing
Author Message
Lynn Atkinson

Location: Sam Rayburn

Posted: Dec 05, 2012 at 6:29 AM Quote this post.

Reel um N Guide Service

Lynn Atkinson

Water Temp.62

Normal pool 164.40

Water Clarity 2 feet


Lake level today 159.70

?Big Sam? is looking good, only 4.7 ft low going into fall.

What are fishing report good for? What do I get out of a fishing report?

Water temperature and lake level is the first thing that I am looking for. That, and the time of year starts me thinking about a pattern and then more questions come to mind. Are the fish up chasing shad in the shallows and are there still some deep fish? Have any new fronts come though that may have changed the pattern? Is there grass in the pockets and is there any deep grass in 8 to 12 ft? What are the lily pads doing, are they looking good or are they dying? These are things that tournament anglers are looking for. If you haven?t been on the lake in some time the answers will help put something together to start. Let me remind you, ? Bass? Can?t Read, and they sometimes don?t follow the rules. If you?re not catching fish it?s time to change something.


Thinking back on an earlier fishing trip, I had been catching some great fish on a white Stanley Spinner bait on a creek ledge and told my buddy about it. He went out the next day and fished the same place and couldn?t catch them on the Stanley Spinner bait. It?s funny because he DID catch them on a 4?senko watermelon red with a little spike dry on the tail. The next day I eased back over there and wacked them on the white Stanley Spinner Bait again. I called him and he couldn?t believe it. Then we got together and headed back to my favorite fishin hole. I watched him fish the spinner bait without getting a bite then he fished the senko?s and started catching them. I picked up my Spinner bait and started catching them just like

I had on previous trips.
What made the difference? It was the same Stanley Spinner bait but I was doing something different that made them chomp on it. Most folks chunk the bait and reel it in at the same speed, no variation, and that?s it. There is so much more to catching fish than crank and wind. Feeling the response of the bait is at the top of the list, if you can?t feel little things then you?re going to miss lots of fish. This starts with your rod and American Rodsmiths has some great rods to close this gap with. The next thing is the line and everyone has their likes and dislikes on line. The main thing here is feel, and fluorocarbon has the lead, copolymer is next then mono. The difference in my Stanley Spinner Bait catching fish, and his getting skunked was all about feel. There was just a little hair grass on the bottom in about 6 ft of water before dropping off a ledge. The fish were holding in small openings in the grass. You couldn?t see them but you could feel them with the blades on the bait as you slowed rolled it over the top. When I would lose the grass I would drop the blade into the hole and Wham! That?s depth control. Any bait that will sink to the bottom can be controlled by you and the weight of the bait. Spinner baits and most Lipless crank baits can be fished at any depth by counting it down then using a retrieval that keeps it at that depth. So what I am trying to say is you are in control of your bait so change it up if you?re not catching fish.

Great Fall Fishing

One trip last week we got into some great fall fishing as we got into a group of fish that was stacked up on a ledge. We must have caught 40 bass in less than 2 hours on a lot of different baits. So don?t miss out this time of year and get a few trips in before Xmas.

Trophy Bass

I can?t tell you the chance of catching a Trophy Bass from now till spring as they move up looking to Spawn early. The moon has a big part on this and most folks fish the hardest on the moon so don?t wait too long to get your trips booked as we have started to book for 2013.

Gift Certificates

Don?t forget we have Gift Certificates for Xmas so get Dad that gift for Christmas or that special day or for that love one.

The Senko?s and wacky worms have been catching a lot of small fish along the grass lines with a few nice ones here and there. The Stanley Spinner bait and Lipless crankbait have been getting a lot of action this last week. We caught a lot of fish and covered a lot of water. The crankbait bite has been good on ledges and creek channels. The deep bite has been a little tough on us this week with the fish moving up to the shallows to fatten up for winter. But in all we?ve had some great days on the water and some of the best weather in ages.

This is where the New Lowrance 10 HDS Gen 2 and the New Structure Scan HD has come into play, picking up the structure and bait fish in the area. This is almost like having a camera to look for fish and structure. I am looking for small structure that holds one big fish not monster piles that hold a lot of small fish. We have a lot of boats buzz by the pontoon just to see where we are fishing. Lots of them get way to close and can endanger the people on the boat. Just a few years back we had a boat get to close to a small boat with 3 people in it. The boat capsized from the wake.

Crappie; The Crappie bite has still been pretty good with 40 crappie, average , per trip. The bite has been light and you have got to really get the feel of them. There have been a lot of hand size Bluegills hanging out over the brush piles. You?ve got to work your bait past them to get to the Crappie. The folks that catch on and get the bait past the Bluegill have been catching lots of fish. The group that catches the most legal, keeper size, Crappie wins a free trip the next year. Don?t wait too long to get your trip booked. The pontoon has plenty of room for everyone with shade and a Pot-O-Potty.

God Bless

For More Information Call or Write:
Lynn Atkinson
865 Norris St
Zavalla, TX 75980
Cell (979) 220-0251


     Fishing » Freshwater Fishing

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